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Health Branding Leader Interbrand Wood Appoints Parker as CEO

New York, NY, USA, November 5, 2007 - Interbrand Wood Healthcare announced the appointment, effective today, of Jane Parker as CEO of the global organisation.

Jane Parker will be based in New York and responsible for managing and building the business across the global network. She succeeds David Wood, who founded the company in 1985, and will step into the role of Chairman.

Jane formerly was president of Grey Healthcare, where she set out to pioneer, within the pharmaceutical industry, the concept of consumer branding, and some of the more successful strategic marketing approaches that were endemic to the experience and expertise that she had established in the consumer world. Under the decade of her presidency, Jane transformed the business into a several hundred strong team, representing the majority of the leading health companies.

“I am delighted to signal a significant change to the Interbrand Wood Healthcare global leadership team in the appointment of Jane Parker”, David Wood announced. “As the overall role of brand in the global health industry continues to grow and evolve, particularly the roles of product, franchise and corporate brands, we too must continue to evolve and grow. We see Jane’s appointment as a significant step in the continuing growth of Interbrand Wood Healthcare, in both Rx and OTC, on a global basis. Jane’s mix of client and agency-side experience complements our uniquely brand-centric philosophy and brand-focussed services”.

“I look forward to supporting Jane, as Chairman, by taking a more consultative role in the areas of new services, talent acquisition and our ongoing expansion into the entire spectrum of health-related industries.” said Wood.

Jane Parker was keen to comment: “The health industry today is undergoing a huge sea change, particularly in pharmaceuticals: approvals are down, generic competition is exploding and worldwide pressure to keep costs down is intensifying. To me, the notion of building strong, immutable brands that can resist incursion from these forces and occupy special places in the hearts and minds of our key constituents will only become ever more critical to success. That's why the core competencies of Interbrand Wood Healthcare are so key to the future: with other ‘tactical’ marketing tools under fire, strong brands will become one of the few marketing tools to survive as a true long-term brand differentiator in the marketplace”.

Jez Frampton, Group Chief Executive of Interbrand added, “David is a tough act to follow as CEO, but we all immediately connected with Jane. She knows her industry ‘inside-out’ and is as keen as we all are to seize the opportunity for branding within the health and related industries. It’s an exciting time, and Jane’s appointment further signals our deep commitment to the market.”

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