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  • December 30 - The icons of the world

    The '100 Best Global Brands' reveal their secrets to building their legacy. (In Spanish)
    More on Vida Y Exito
  • December 23 - Spanish brands face challenges

    Many of Spain's largest bands have declined in value during the last two years as a result of the financial crisis, according to Interbrand's 2011 Best Spanish Brands report.
    More on Warc
  • December 20 - Peter Lehmann wine labels

    Interbrand Sydney captures the legend of Peter Lehmann in its newest range of wine styles.
    More on Desktop Magazine
  • December 20 - The Most Unfortgettable Ad Campaigns of 2011

    Josh Feldmeth, CEO of Interbrand New York, weighs in on the most attention grabbing advertisements of 2011.
    More on Forbes
  • December 20 - Offering the best to clients

    Manfredi Ricca and Sabine Menz discuss the success factors of luxury brands. Manufacturers adopting their strategies steady to new market conditions will be vital to building future success. (In German)
    More on Markenartikel
  • December 16 - Will Shoppers Scream for an Ice Cream Maker's New Packaging?

    Gifford's ice cream has been a New England institution for decades. Will its super-vivid new packaging help it go national or alienate existing customers?
    More on Inc. Magazine
  • December 14 - Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year award winners

    Interbrand Sydney wins specialist agency of the year.
    More on B&T Magazine
  • December 13 - 2012 D&AD Student Awards

    Interbrand and the D&AD challenge students to become creative activists of Peace One Day.
    More on Dexigner
  • November 28 - Packaging Designed to impress

    Beyond protecting a product, packaging today shapes brands like no other marketing tool. Packaging Gateway spoke with Scott Lucas, executive director of Interbrand's Cincinnati office, about the secrets of intelligent marketing through packaging design.
    More on Packaging Gateway
  • November 28 - Sub-brands take centrestage

    Viren Razdan, Managing Director of Interbrand India comments on auto brands renewed focus on product branding.
    More on Business Standard
  • November 24 - From Christ to cola, logos through the ages

    Alfred DuPuy, Managing Director of Interbrand Toronto comments on how logos are key components of marketing success.
    More on The Globe and Mail
  • November 19 - Jimmy Choo shoe queen Tamara Mellon keeps fans guessing over her next steps

    Jimmy Choo's co-founder Tamara Mellon is finally walking away from her creation. Now industry experts wonder if she can bring success as well as her sparkle to a new enterprise.
    More on The Observer
  • November 4 - Best Places to Work 2011 Winner: Interbrand

    Interbrand Cincinnati named one of the best places to work of 2011.
    More on Business Courier
  • October 27 - Nokia Starts Marketing Blitz to Win Customers to Luma Device

    Jez Frampton, Interbrand CEO comments on Nokia's new Luma 800 smartphone and how its partnership with Microsoft could help it compete in a saturated market.
    More on Bloomberg
  • October 13 - Global branding agency Interbrand steps up awareness campaign for Alzheimer's Australia

    Interbrand unveils a new brand positioning for Alzheimer's Australia, as the charity moves to raise awareness and understanding of the disease.
    More on Campaign Brief | MuMbrella | Australian Creative
  • October 12 - Some Protesters Find Ben & Jerry's Support Hard to Swallow

    Tom Zara, Global Practice Leader of Corporate Citizenship at Interbrand, comments on why Ben & Jerry's distribution of free ice cream at the Occupy Wall Street protest makes sense for the brand.
    More on DailyFinance
  • October 6 - Toyota still 11th in the best global brands

    Toyota Motor Corp. retained 11th place in the 2011 Best Global Brands list, the highest ranking among global automakers.
    More on The Japan Times
  • October 6 - Steve Jobs: Visionary & Brand Genuis

    VIDEO: Jez Frampton, Interbrand Global CEO discusses Steve Jobs' past and future impact on Apple.
    More on CNBC
  • October 5 - Toyota Still Number One

    The Interbrand Best Global Brands reports shows that Toyota grew 6% in brand value since 2010.
    More on Autoevolution
  • October 5 - Mercedes, BMW, Louis Vuitton among top 100 global brands: Interbrand

    Luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Louis Vuitton topped the luxury sector’s list of global brands in 2011, according to a report from Interbrand.
    More on Luxury Daily
  • October 5 - A look at Europe's 20 Most Valuable Brands

    While U.S. brands continue to dominate Interbrand's annual Best Global Brands Report, 37 brands hail from Europe, spanning a range of industries from automobiles to apparel.
    More on Business Insider
  • October 5 - HTC of Taiwan ranked among the top 100 global brands

    HTC Corp. has become the first Taiwanese company to be listed by Interbrand as one of the world's most valuable 100 brands.
    More on Taiwan News Online
  • October 5 - Luxury Brand? It’s Got to Be Real

    Brands like Louis Vuitton and Burberry, which Interbrand just ranked among the 100 most valuable brands in the world, thrived on staying authentic to their brands and a dash of “retail theater.”
    More on
  • October 4 - Frampton Says Coca-Cola Is World's Most Valuable Brand

    VIDEO: Jez Frampton, global chief executive officer of Interbrand Corp., talks about the 2011 Best Global Brands with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."
    More on Bloomberg
  • October 4 - Could Apple Top Coca-Cola?

    VIDEO: CNN's Richard Quest talks to Interbrand's Jez Frampton about the top global brands and which might be on top.
    More on CNN
  • October 4 - Hales Says Apple's Brand Value Gained, Nokia's Fell

    VIDEO: Graham Hales, chief executive officer of Interbrand London, discusses the report on the world's most valuable brands
    More on The Washington Post
  • October 4 - Interbrand's top 100 global brands 2011: Coca-Cola still top but Apple gaining fast

    Coca-Cola has been named the world's most valuable brand for the 12th year running while Apple has seen the biggest surge in brand value, according to Interbrand's latest annual global brand report.
    More on Marketing News
  • October 4 - Apple jumps into top 10 of global brands

    Tech brands dominate Interbrand's 2011 Best Global Brands report. Apple breaks into the top 10 for the first time, while IBM is No.2 - with Microsoft, Google, Intel and Hewlett-Packard also all coming out on top.
    More on USA Today
  • October 3 - Tech brands dominate top global brands list

    Apple, Google, Intel, and HTC shine on Interbrand's annual ranking of the 100 Most Valuable Brands.
    More on The Associated Press
  • October 1 - Black ties and shiraz

    Loblaw's private-label gourmet line aims to take grocery shoppers upmarket.
    More on Canadian Grocer
  • September 28 - Brand:rebrand - Social Enterprise UK

    Andy Payne, Interbrand Global Chief Creative Officer comments on the new identity for Social Enterprise UK, formerly the Social Enterprise Coalition.
    More on Communicate Magazine
  • September 14 - What Do Studebaker And Geocities Have In Common? No One Remembers Them

    Josh Feldmeth, CEO of Interbrand New York imagines the prospects for two once-prosperous brands.
    More on Fast Company
  • September 8 - Still in love with brand Britain?

    The Royal Wedding gave Brand Britain a major boost but what effect have the recent riots had on the image of Made in the UK?
    More on Raconte
  • September 1 - What's in a name?

    Interbrand's Nik Stucky and Jonathan Chajet discuss the role of brand valuation in China and the country's uphill brand battle on competing on the global stage.
    More on A Plus Magazine

  • August 21 - Global Business - Leader of the Brand

    In this edition of Global Business, Jez Frampton sits down with BBC host Peter Day and discusses the phenomenon of branding in the 21st century.
    More on BBC World Service
  • August 16 - Brand manufacturers struggle

    Coop, UK’s largest mutual retailer, eliminates several brand products from its portfolio because manufacturers have deemed them unable to pass on currency gains. Michel Gabriel of Interbrand Zurich shares his surprise since Coop has always distinguished itself with a such a large choice of brand products.
    Read on Toggenburger Tagblatt (in german)
  • August 15 - Not only smashing but also wonderfully beautiful!

    Andreas Rotzler was interviewed by drs3, a Swiss radio station, on the future Swiss Franc that is unique in quality and security. Interbrand Zurich designed the current bills and Andreas Rotzler explains that Switzerland was the first country to use such strong colors. The Swiss Franc was designed lovingly and signify therefore for the Swiss people a part of strong identity.
    Read or listen to the interview in German

  • August 8 - Spanish wine sales surge in UK

    Spanish wines are outperforming the rest of the wine aisle. Graham Hales, CEO of Interbrand London comments on its image and value to customers.
    More on
  • August 4 - Toyota is the top greenest brand

    Toyota comes out on top on Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands report. (In German)
    More on Japanmarkt | Autorategeber TV
  • August 1 - Cheesecake Factory 'SkinnyLicious' menu cuts calories

    The Cheesecake Factory spices up its brand with a new lower-calorie menu.
    More on USA Today
  • August 1 - Germany's Top Greenest Brands

    German brands Siemens and Volkswagen are among the top 10 on Interbrand's inaugural Best Global Green Brands report. (In German)
    More on CFO World
  • July 29 - Credit Suisse named Switzerland's Greenest Brand

    Credit Suisse is Switzerland's greenest brand - internationally ranked number 44. Interbrand compliments the Swiss bank for its greenhouse gas neutral activities. (In German)
    More on 20 Minuten Online
  • July 29 - Toyota, 3M, Siemens Named Best Green Brands

    The inaugural Best Global Green Brands report ranks Toyota, 3M, and Siemens as the top green brands, demonstrating their ability to create strong connections with consumers as a result of actionable and credible environmental practices.
    More on Forbes
  • July 28 - Special Edition packaging for 'Babor Beauty Fluids'

    Interbrand creates new packaging design for the special edition of 'Babor Beauty Fluids.' (In German).
    More on Markenartikel | New Business
  • July 28 - US Based Companies Lead when it comes to Green

    US-companies lead Interbrand's new global report, Best Global Green Brands. Besides 3M, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Dell and Cisco made it to the Top Ten. (In German)
    More on Wirtschaftsblatt at
  • July 28 - Apple 'Greener' than Samsung and Nokia

    Apple, Samsung, and Nokia are among the top 25 green companies. Of these three brands, Apple ranked the highest in the 13th position followed by Nokia in 22nd place and Samsung in 25th.
    More on The Independent
  • July 27 - Toyota Tops Global Green Brands Ranking

    Toyota, 3M and Siemens have come out on top of a ranking of the best green brands by consultancy Interbrand.
    More on Environmental Leader
  • July 27 - Toyota Tops Interbrand's Ranking of Green Brands

    It's one thing to effectively talk oneself into the "green" game, but that can backfire if the company doing the talking isn't doing the walking. Toyota is doing both well.
    More on MarketingDaily
  • July 26 - Toyota ranked top global green brand in Interbrand study

    Toyota proves to be an environmental brand leader, making green a core management priority, while also engaging in a meaningful ways with consumers.
    More on Marketing Week
  • July 26 - Sydney agency Interbrand wins two Red Dots for Griffin Theatre Company and The Great Blandini

    The international Red Dot jury has awarded Interbrand Sydney two 'red dots' for outstanding design as a result of its work for Griffin Theatre Company and The Great Blandini.
    More on Campaign Brief
  • July 19 - Can News Corp. Contain the Damage?

    Video: Graham Hales, chief executive of Interbrand London, discusses the phone-hacking scandal surrounding News Corp.'s News International.
    More on Bloomberg TV
  • July 16 - Will the Fianna Fáil brand come clean in the wash?

    If the Irish political party, the Fianna Fáil, wants to rebrand itself successfully, it must go beyond playing with logos and colours, and decide exactly what it stands for in a changed world.
    More on The Irish Times
  • July 16 - Will the Fianna Fáil brand come clean in the wash?

    If the Irish political party, the Fianna Fáil, wants to rebrand itself successfully, it must go beyond playing with logos and colours, and decide exactly what it stands for in a changed world.
    More on The Irish Times
  • July 11 - Richard Curtis Promoted to MD of Interbrand Sydney

    Interbrand general manager Richard Curtis has been promoted to Managing Director.
    More on MUmBRELLA
  • July 7 - Crash course in...Rebranding your business

    Graham Hales, CEO of Interbrand London offers insight on how organizations can best manage a rebranding of their business.
    More on Management Today
  • June 27 - The Branding of Ulm

    Coca Cola, Nutella, Ulm? How the city of Ulm plans to create a unique destination experience through branding. (In German)
    More on City of Ulm
  • June 27 - Interbrand hires new executive director

    Interbrand welcomes Katie Rockliff as Executive Director of Interbrand Sydney.
    More on B&T Marketing & Media
  • June 22 - Love or trust?

    In his latest column for absatzwirschaft online Jürgen Häusler raises the question: are the most popular brands always the most valuable? (In German)
    More on Absatzwirschaft
  • June 22 - Ronald McDonald House Charities undergoes brand revamp

    Interbrand develops a new brand identity for Ronald McDonald House Australia.
    More on MuMbrella
  • June 22 - Abraham Says Dior Will `Overcome' Galliano Ouster

    VIDEO: Manfred Abraham, strategy director for Interbrand London discusses the benefits of Prada SpA's listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the outlook for Dior without designer John Galliano.
    More on Bloomberg Television
  • June 21 - UK agencies in good showing on Cannes Design shortlist

    Interbrand joins the ranks among the 2011 Cannes Festival nominees.
    More on Campaign
  • June 20 - Report of the cxi_11

    Lars Bolle of Deutsche Telekom and Jens Grefen, senior designer of Interbrand Cologne discuss Interbrand and Deutsche Telekom's 20-year partnership and the brand's evolution from a state-owned German company into a global customer-focused provider of ICT solutions. (In German)
    More on
  • June 18 - The Billion pound brand of William and Kate Inc

    Graham Hales, CEO of Interbrand London weighs-in on the royal couple's potential earning power.
    More on The Telegraph
  • June 1 - Fifa's sponsors kick up a fuss over corruption claims

    Businesses flex financial muscle in football's crisis of confidence.
    More on The Telegraph
  • May 26 - Interbrand Created a Golden Image for Betty Barclay CHIC

    Partnering with the Betty Barclay Group, Interbrand Hamburg has developed the brand and packaging design for the newly launched perfume 'Betty Barclay CHIC.'
    More on POPSOP |
  • May 24 - Fred Burt Rejoins Interbrand from Siegel & Gale

    Former Siegel & Gale co-managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Fred Burt has rejoined Interbrand as director of European clients.
    More on Design Week
  • May 19 - Interbrand boosts retail brand team

    Interbrand has bolstered its retail branding team with several hires including David Sutherland and Sally McDonnell who join as client director and client manager, and Mikey Hart as design director.
    More on B&T
  • May 19 - Brand Oprah Has Some Marketing Lessons

    After 25 years, Oprah's influence remains unparalleled. As she moves to cable, there are signs she's preparing to shift her brand as well.
    More on Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • May 18 - Humana Milchindustrie and Nordmilch merge to form DMK

    Interbrand develops new corporate branding for Germany’s largest dairy company.
    More on
  • May 14 - Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

    The Godrej brand valuation provides a toolkit for future growth.
    More on Businessworld
  • May 11 - Beauty Brands Compete in the top Best Retail Brands in France

    Two of the top five retail brands in France are beauty retailers: Sephora and L'Occitane. According to Nicolas Chomette, President of Interbrand Paris these strong brands can create more impact by leveraging the internet as a touchpoint in the customer exeperience. (In French)
    More on Cosmetique Magazine
  • May 6 - Interbrand Become Official Partner of AT&T Williams

    Interbrand to work with AT&T Williams in the development and execution of its brand strategy.
    More on F1 Pulse | Design Week
  • May 4 - A new architectural concept for Studio SFR

    Interbrand Paris is developing and executing a new retail environment for leading French telecommunications provider, Studio SFR. The 100m2 space will include a concert hall, restaurant, bar and a lounge. (In French)
    More on LeJournalduNet
  • April 28 - One Thing Tesco Shares with Wal-Mart: Critics

    Graham Hales, chief executive officer of Interbrand London discusses the impact following a Tesco store opening that lead to violence and protests in the city of Bristol.
    More on BusinessWeek
  • April 14 - Lessons from a trademark war

    If you want to protect your brand, time is of the essence when it comes to trademark battles, comments Melbourne General Manager, Andy Wright.
    More on
  • April 12 - Interbrand Publishes Ranking of the Most Valuable French Retail Brands

    Nicolas Chomette, President of Interbrand Paris comments on the state of the French retail environment, and discusses current trends that will help define the future of the sector. (In French)
    More on
  • April 11 - Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary decisions

    Michel Gabriel, Managing Director of Interbrand Zurich speaks at the Slovenian Advertising Festival's 20th anniversary. Following his speech, he spoke with, Slovenia's leading newspaper about the role of brand management in preparing and dealing with a crisis, and the advent of social media changing the branding landscape. (In Slovenian)
    More on
  • April 10 - Blemishing "brand Japan"

    The crisis in Japan has bruised the country's reputation for excellence. Yet what might be the consequences to "made in Japan" as a brand?
    More on The Economist
  • April 5 - RTL4 Most Valuable Dutch Media Brand

    For the second year in a row, Interbrand partners with Tijdschrift voor Marketing and publishes its ranking of the most valuable Dutch media brands. (In Dutch)
    More on Marketing Online
  • April 5 - Discounters become most valuable retail brands

    Interbrand's 2011 Best Retail Brands report ranks Aldi, Media Markt and Edeka as Germany's most valuable retail brands. (In German)
    More on Fashion United
  • March 31 - Tesco named most valuable retail brand

    Tesco has been named the UK’s most valuable retail brand in a global report by Interbrand.
    More on MarketingWeek
  • March 31 - Walmart, Target, Home Depot Top U.S. Brands

    Interbrand's 2011 Best Retail Brands report shows that the largest chains are bouncing back nicely from the recession, with Walmart, Target, the Home Depot, Best Buy and CVS emerging as the strongest U.S. store brands.
    More on MarketingDaily
  • March 31 - Germany's Most Valuable Retail Brands: Aldi and Media Markt

    Interbrand's 2011 Best Retail Brands Report finds that U.S. retailers are leading on the road to recovery. Across Europe, retailers are harder pressed to generate value from cashstrapped consumers. (In German)
    More on absatzwirtschaft
  • March 30 - Aldi is the most valuable retail brand

    Interbrand's 2011 Best Retail Brands report ransks Aldi, Media Markt, and Edeka Germany's three most valuable retail brands. (In German)
    More on
  • March 30 - Aussie brands dominate top spots in APAC

    Interbrand announces Australian brands to be favourite retailers in Asia Pacific region.
    More on Marketing Mag
  • March 30 - Germany's Retail Market: Aldi Most Valuable Retail Brand

    Interbrand's 2011 Best Retail Brands report finds Aldi, Media Markt and Edeka Germany's three most valuable retail brands. (In German)
    More on Service Insider
  • March 14 - Merging Exchanges Crowdsource Name Ideas

    Under the direction of Interbrand, Deutsche Boerse and NYSE launch crowdsourcing initiative to decide on the name of the new, combined exchange.
    More on Adweek
  • March 11 - Brands with the Most Value

    VIDEO: Josh Feldmeth, CEO of Interbrand New York discusses the most valuable brands on Interbrand's 2010 'Best Global Brands' and how those undervalued by the market can generate greater value for their business through the brand.
    More on Fox Business
  • March 8 - Eat, Shop, Fly

    Travelers at airports are annoyed, but retailers have a growing opportunity to attract, entertain and de-stress them.
    More on VMSD
  • March 8 - Interbrand redesigns the beauty counter for Galeries Lafayette

    Interbrand and Galeries Lafayette, known for its Parisian chic and French elegance, partner to revamp its beauty counters around the world. (In French)
    More on
  • March 7 - In the digital world, no matter who you are, you're exposed

    Interbrand Asia Pacific chief officer, Stuart Green, offers his views on social media, digital, and why brands should maybe think twice before signing on for that cricket sponsorship.
    More on Campaign India
  • March 7 - BBC finalises Creative Services roster

    Following a competitive tender, five agencies have been appointed to the BBC's restructured creative services roster. Interbrand have been appointed for Brand Strategy work and along with Devilfish, appointed to the Brand Identity roster.
    More on BBC Press Office
  • March 6 - Presenting the iPad 2

    VIDEO: Graham Hales, CEO of Interbrand London comments on strength of the Apple brand and what is revealed about Steve Jobs' management style, having unveiled the iPad 2 despite his illness. (In German)
    More on ZDFinfokanal
  • March 3 - Does your company have a Steve Jobs?

    For weeks, rumors circulated in the media of whether Steve Jobs would be in attendance for Apple Inc.'s unveiling of the iPad2. Given the state of his health, Jobs' future with Apple, the company he founded and who its brand is built around, is uncertain.
    More on Houston Business Journal
  • February 21 - New Brisbane brand to fight flood misconceptions

    As Brisbane struggles to return to its feet after a spate of natural disasters, civic leaders are exploring new ways to entice visitors back to the flood-ravaged city.
    More on Sydney Morning Herald
  • February 20 - From garden to the laboratory

    How Snowberry became the fresh new face in luxury cosmetics. (In German)
    More on Welt am Sonntag
  • February 16 - HORIZONT.NET presents all Gold Award Winners of the 2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

    HORIZONT.NET, Germany's leading marketing and media magazine award all Gold Award Winners of the 2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Interbrand received the coveted Design Prize in Silver for its rebranding efforts for the technology company CSC. (In German)
    More on HORIZONT.NET
  • February 11 - An Extra smile for Interbrand in Hamburg

    Extra smiles at Interbrand in Hamburg. With good reason: At the 2011 iF packaging awards, one of the leading international design competitions, Interbrand will receive a coveted iF award for the redesign of Wrigley’s Extra.
    More on
  • February 2 - Brand Valuation: the methodologies

    Julian Daily, director of valuation discusses how placing a value on brands has evolved since its beginnings as a niche practice.
    More on Intellectual Property Magazine
  • January 28 - New Ryder Cup Logo Announced

    Designed by Interbrand, the Ryder Cup Europe and The PGA of America launches a new official logo for the Ryder Cup.
    More on Golf Monthly
  • January 24 - Thomson Reuters Campaign Touts 'Knowledge'

    Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, launches a new corporate branding campaign, The Knowledge Effect. Created by Interbrand and Ogilvy Worldwide, the campaign describes the competitive advantage that professionals in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare, science and media fields have when armed with the right information at the right time.
    More on Marketing Daily | More on Direct Marketing News | More on Brandchannel
  • January 20 - Lady Gaga's Monster Influence

    Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand discusses how Lady Gaga has taken her brand outside of the music industry to become one of today's most accomplished businesswomen.
    More on
  • January 17 - Vintage labels find a new life

    Before resurrecting a dormant brand, a company needs to consider whether it has a positive legacy or high awareness.
    More on The Financial Times
  • January 14 - The Red Devils' Brand Offensive

    Manchester United Ltd. is more than a popular U.K.-based soccer club; it’s a global brand franchise that’s well-recognized and -regarded in markets from India, to Korea, to Latin America. Now the sports enterprise is working to extend its reach.
    More on AMA's Marketing News
  • January 11 - Studio Profile: Interbrand

    Chris Doyle, design director at Interbrand Sydney discusses working in collaboration with Interbrand's global network and his passion for transforming corporate culture with innovative, idea-driven design. 
    More on Desktop Magazine
  • January 11 - Toyota Hegemony Fades as `Big Damage' Brings Sony-Style Decline

    Just as Japanese electronics maker Sony Corp. lost ground in the last decade to Apple, damage to Toyota's brand has left it vulnerable to a growing challenge from rivals including Ford and Hyundai Motor Co.
    More on Bloomberg News
  • January 7 - Next big trend:3D eyewear

    With 3D set to take over the entertainment industry this year, retail brands explore how to use the technology to better connect with consumers.
    More on The Financial Times