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  • December 29 - Crowdsourcing: Is There Wisdom In A Mob?

    From the perspective of the brand owner, ideas, in their broadest terms, are becoming a commodity. However, it is the ability to select and profitably execute an idea that delivers greatest value to the organization.
    More on Forbes
  • December 28 - Don Ryun Chang Recognised by Korean Federation of Design Associations

    Don Ryun Chang, Icograda Past President 2009-2011, received the Meritorious Career Achievement Award from the Korean Federation of Design Associations (KFDA). He is the Executive Creative Advisor - Asia/Pacific of Interbrand.
    More on Dexigner
  • December 28 - Monospace Theatre

    "...Interbrand’s Sydney office has challenged Griffin to visually strut their stuff, just as their challenging productions do inside the theatre."
    More on Under Consideration
  • December 21 - Movistar is the most valuable in Spain

    Telecommunications brands lead the Best Spanish Brands ranking, and the financial services lose value. (in Portuguese)
    More on Económico
  • December 14 - New styles and ancient passions

    Ultimate skill and a strongly recognized raison d’étre are basic pillars behind a real luxury brand.
    Download News Clip from La Stampa
  • December 13 - Woods Pulled From Accenture’s Web Site, Gillette’s Ad Campaign

    Accenture, the brand that tied Tiger so close to its values, makes a decisive break.
    More on Bloomberg
  • December 10 - Private brands: A new balance of power?

    A look at retailer practices that build and sustain consumer demand for private brands.
    More on Shelf Impact
  • December 9 - Chaos at Tiger Inc.

    The man behind the billion-dollar brand is desperately trying to save Tiger's financial empire, as his Gillette and Accenture deals now look vulnerable.
    More on The Daily Beast
  • December 3 - Winter Pride

    Moscow's Red Square hosts a spectacular show for the unveiling of the 2014 Sochi Olympics logo. (in Russian)
    More on Russia Today
  • December 2 - Russia unveils new Sochi 2014 Olympic logo

    Russia has unveiled the new logo for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics–a design based on the organizing committee's Internet domain name.
    More on Marketing
  • December 2 - Sochi 2014 Brand Launches

    The press conference to reveal to the Sochi 2014 logo, in Moscow. (in Russian)
    More on Kanal 1
  • December 1 - Logo for Sochi Games Encourages Pointing and Clicking

    Looking ahead another four years, organizers of the 2014 Games in Sochi unveiled their latest branding campaign in Russia on Tuesday.
    More on The New York Times
  • December 1 - Logo of the Olympic winter games in Sochi 2014

    The official logo for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, developed in cooperation with Interbrand and the Sochi 2014 organization committee, is presented in Moscow. (in German)
    More on RIA Novosti (German Version)
  • December 1 - Olympic Committee presents logo for the Sochi 2014 winter games

    The Olympic Organizing Committee (SOOC) presented the official logo for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. For the first time, the Olympic logo contains elements of a web address. The logo was developed in cooperation with Interbrand and the Expert Brand Council of SOOC. (in German)
    More on Horizont.Net
  • December 1 - Sochi 2014 unveils first Olympic logo since London 2012

    The logo for the 2014 Winter Olympics, to be held in Sochi, Russia was unveiled today. Sochi 2014 is the first Olympic emblem to feature a web address.
    More on BrandRepublic
  • December 1 - Business 100

    A review of the most prestigious Brazilian brands in each industry, and how their brand strategies are positioning them for success.
    Download News Clip from Época Negócios
  • December 1 - Simple Sochi Logo Will Appeal To Sponsors

    Dmitry Chernyshenko, the CEO of the Sochi Olympic Games organizing committee, hailed the 2014 winter games’ logo as “quite simply unique” when it was unveiled yesterday.
    More on The Wall Street Journal
  • November 23 - Innovating to Build Better Private Brands

    Interbrand's Scott Lucas gives the morning keynote address for PLMA’s 2009 Private Label Trade Show. (transcript)
    More on My Private Brand
  • November 20 - The New/Old Marketplace

    Customers are talking back. Don't ignore them.
    More on Forbes
  • November 10 - Global CIO: How IT Builds Brands

    Technology is among three key factors driving brand value.
    More on InformationWeek
  • November 9 - German Design Council Conference Interview

    An interview with Walter Brecht, CEO Interbrand Central and Eastern Europe and Manfredi Ricca, Luxury Practice Leader Interbrand, on the future of luxury brands.
    More on German Design Council
  • November 9 - Mexico's 40 Most Valuable Brands

    Marketing experts and academics alike agree that crises are cyclical in nature and brands less so. In what amounted to a highly complex economic environment for Mexico in 2009, some leading local companies were able to better weather the storm because of the reliability of their brands. The article lists Mexico’s 40 most valuable brands of the year, featuring internationally known brands such as Corona, Telmex, Telcel, Televisa, and Elektra in the ranking’s top five positions. The analysis for Mexico’s top 40 brands is a joint effort between Interbrand and Expansion Magazine. (in Spanish)
    More on CNN Expansión
  • November 4 - Samsung Electronics Aims at Top 10 Global Company by 2020

    "The electronics giant rank world's 5th in brand value (Samsung ranked 19th in the Best Brand Survey 2009 by Interbrand), become among the world's top 10 respected companies, and transform to become a top-tier environment-friendly enterprise by then."
    More on Korea IT Times
  • November 3 - How everybody benefited from Nintendo’s Wii

    There has been a shift in consumer confidence in how electronics manufacturers address social and environmental issues.
    More on Times Online
  • November 3 - The art of sustainable sustainability

    Brands have an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability movement by creating demand for products and services that better our world. Devising a smart sustainability strategy is a necessity.
    Download News Clip from The Business Times
  • November 1 - Top Japanese brands to watch

    Who do students graduating in 2011 think of the leading Japanese companies, from a global brand perspective?
    Download News Clip from Japan's Leading Companies in 2011
  • November 1 - Brands with a strategic approach

    Looking at Brazilian brands such as Vale, Pão de Açúcar, and the new Fibria, we see how creating and managing a brand is inextricable from business strategy. (in Portuguese)
    Download News Clip from Arc Design Magazine
  • October 30 - Truth pays in advertising

    Truth and trust were the watchwords in various discussions about branding and consumer engagement, at the recently-concluded AdAsia09 congress held in Kuala Lumpur.
    More on The Sun Daily (Malaysia)
  • October 30 - Brand Networking

    Why strong brands are essential to build connections with consumers, and how important they can be to help increase experience, confidence, and loyalty. (in Portuguese)
    Download News Clip from Correio Popular
  • October 22 - Warren Buffett Is a Growth Investor

    If you're deciding which powerhouse brand to invest in, you don't have to look much further than Interbrand's 2009 survey of the Best Global Brands.
    More on The Motley Fool
  • October 19 - People and Accounts of Note

    Chris Campbell, executive creative director at Interbrand, New York, has been named a jury chairman for the Art Directors Club 89th annual awards.
    More on The New York Times
  • October 15 - A brand creeps in

    Authenticity brought Converse from being a fast seller to an almost cult-like following. (in German)
    More on Beobachter
  • October 13 - Interbrand on Dutch Business News Radio

    Patrick Stal comments on the recent launch of the renewed Bavaria beer brand, explaining that a new identity is only one step in improving the brand's perceived positioning and strategic direction.
    More on BNR Nieuwsradio
  • October 13 - Beiersdorf adjusts Nivea logos

    After the development of various platform and range concepts, Beiersdorf's global beauty brand Nivea was in danger of losing its consistent look. Interbrand harmonized the brand's logos worldwide to ensure a modern appearance that reflects Nivea's cosmetic values and innovation. (in German)
    More on Absatzwirtschaft
  • October 12 - Hay's new phase

    Determined to become market leader in global recruitment services, Hays knew it had to develop a clearly articulated brand proposition that was up to the job.
    More on Communicate Magazine
  • October 10 - The Ulm-Update

    Ulm has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to city marketing, but the city has great potential to raise its profile. Prof. Jürgen Häusler provides insights. (in German)
    More on Südwest Presse
  • October 10 - Geographic Coffee Quest Lands on Solid Ground

    Interbrand's creative work for National Geographic and Café Bom Dia discovers Terra Firma.
    More on BrandWeek
  • October 10 - Taiwan struggles in brand-name game

    While Taiwanese products may already be world-class, their companies can greatly increase the value of their brands.
    More on The Edge
  • October 5 - Beiersdorf harmonizes Nivea logos worldwide

    Interbrand is optimizing Beiersdorf's new Nivea visual equities in order to clearly align the multiple versions that exist at present. In doing so, Beiersdorf wants to ensure a clear, simple and effective image for its global personal care brand. (in English and German)
    More on Packaging Europe (English) | More on Packaging Europe (German)
  • October 2 - Most valuable brands

    The global recession has reduced the value of some of the world's biggest brand names, according to a recent report.
    More on BBC Turkce
  • October 1 - Only Ferrari's value didn't decrease

    The total brand value in the ten main automotive brands included in the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking dropped 9%, and only Ferrari retained its value. What's to learn from Ferrari? (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Auto Mese
  • October 1 - Investing in Brands

    Focusing on the retail, luxury, automotive and financial sectors, we see clear reasons for the winners and losers in this year's Best Global Brands ranking.
    Download News Clip from BusinessPeople
  • October 1 - The future according to Google

    Charting Google's rise in the Best Global Brands ranking. (in Italian)
    More on Panorama | Download News Clip from Panorama
  • October 1 - Interview with David Herrera, Brand Valuation Director of Interbrand Mexico

    David Herrera, Mexico City's brand valuation director reviews the Best Global Brands 2009 general results and how major industries performed in this year's ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on Enfoque Financiero
  • October 1 - Dreaming of a Rebound

    Holiday Inn is spending millions to remodel and revamp its hotels around the world. Interbrand Design Forum was tasked with designing new signage that would communicate the new, modern spirit to consumers.
    More on TIME
  • October 1 - The best direction for your brand

    As marketers seek to build Brazil's growing brands for the long term, analytics helps in both the creative and valuation processes.
    Download News Clip from ABA (Brazilian Advertisers Association) Magazine
  • September 30 - Interbrand rebrands global recruiter Hays

    Interbrand has created a new identity for Hays, the international recruitment network.
    More on Design Week
  • September 29 - Study says innovation is the essence of brands that grow

    The Best Global Brands 2009 report shows that innovation is the aim of brands that grow. (in Portuguese)
    More on Pack Magazine
  • September 29 - The opportunities for craftsmanship luxury

    Reporting the main trends that emerged during Atualuxo in Brazil.
    Download News Clip from Il Sole 24 Ore
  • September 27 - Philips nearly doubles total brand value to $8.1 billion

    An analysis of Philip's position in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on Al-Bawaba
  • September 24 - Coca Cola in Interbrand´s ranking

    Describes the main trends in the 2009 BGB ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on Carta de Negocios
  • September 23 - Brand value, trust, and Asian companies

    Unlike previous years, where the focus has been on marketing smarts, 2009 is all about how trust is the key to brand value these days.
    More on CSR Asia
  • September 23 - This year's Best Global Brands

    Outlines this year's Best Global Brands ranking and the significant ups and downs. (in Spanish)
    More on Alto Nivel
  • September 22 - Gazprom, Aeroflot and Kaspersky could join the ranking in the future

    Discusses the possibility of Russian brands joining the Best Global Brands ranking in future years and why they are not in the ranking currently. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 22 - Interbrand announces Best Global Brands

    An overview of the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking.
    More on TV3 News
  • September 22 - Yahoo's $100 Million Ad Blitz

    Skeptics question whether the Internet portal's new marketing campaign is a colossal waste of money.
    More on BusinessWeek
  • September 21 - "The recession causes a downturn in the valuation of financial brands"

    Describes the effects of the recession on the valuation of the financial brands and other categories. Also discusses the good performance of technology brands. (in Spanish)
    More on IECO, Clarín
  • September 21 - BlackBerry, Thomson Reuters move up global brands list

    For the second year in a row, BlackBerry and Thomson Reuters have earned a spot on Interbrand’s annual ranking of the “Best Global Brands.” Last year the two companies were the first Canadian marques to earn a spot on the list, and this year managed to improve their positioning.
    More on Marketing Magazine (Canada)
  • September 21 - Interbrand's 2009 best global brands

    The results of the 2009 Best Global Brands report.
    More on Marketing Magazine
  • September 21 - Interbrand’s 2009 Best Global Brands: Coke #1, Google Rising

    Many key cultural and business trends are surfacing among the top 100 brands.
    More on Fast Company | More on Sparxoo
  • September 21 - Comment Axa tire son epingle du jeu

    An in depth interview with Interbrand's European CEO about the brand valuation methodology, the impact of the crisis on brand value and a focus on French brands, French luxury brands, and Apple. (in French)
    Download News Clip from La Tribune
  • September 21 - Microsoft And IBM Among Top 3 Best Global Brands, Google Catching Up (MSFT, GOOG, IBM, YHOO)

    The list features 22 technology companies, with IBM ranked second and Microsoft ranked third.
    More on Business Insider
  • September 21 - Zara: the only Spanish brand in the top 100 ranking

    The top five didn't change significantly, but a look at the top 25 brands on the list reveals greater movements. (in Spanish)
    More on Adlatina
  • September 21 - Expensive brands decreased in value

    Analysis of the main trends in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking, such as the problems of the financial sector and rising of technology brands. (in Russian)
    More on RBC Daily
  • September 21 - Top 100 brands devalued due to the economic recession

    Coca-cola remains No.1 for the ninth year, followed by IBM. Brand value of auto brands like BMW, Toyota and Harley-Davidson have declined in this tough year. Luxury brands also suffered from the recession while financial service brands slipped dramatically. (in Chinese)
    More on Cankaoxiaoxi
  • September 21 - Coca-Cola reste la marque la plus cotée au monde, selon une étude

    Interview with Interbrand’s European CEO Jean-Baptiste Danet discussing the Best Global Brands results and giving details about Coca-Cola and Microsoft. (in French)
    Download News Clip from BFM TV "Economic News"
  • September 20 - Zara is in the top 50 Best Global Brands

    A summary of the ranking that focuses on the fashion and luxury sectors. (in Spanish)
    More on Fashion United
  • September 19 - Only Ferrari doesn’t go retro

    In this year's Best Global Brands ranking, Ferrari is the only automotive brand that didn’t see a decrease in its brand value. (in Italian)
    More on Milano FinanzaDownload News Clip from Milano Finanza
  • September 19 - We've never seen such a fast fall of brand value

    Jez Frampton answers three questions about the overall decline in brand value of the Best Global Brands 2009 table, and the financial industry's new realities. (in Russian)
    More on Kommersant
  • September 19 - Toyota is 8th in the Global Brands Ranking

    The latest BusinessWeek issue announced the 2009 Best Global Brands. Toyota is 8th and Lexus is 96th in the ranking. (in Japanese)
    More on MSN Sankei News
  • September 19 - The search engine brand is worth 22 billion

    Discusses the fast growing value of Google’s brand and the leading Italian brands. (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Il Sole 24 Ore
  • September 19 - 2009 Global Best Brands was launched, Financial service brands lost their glow

    4 of the 5 top decliners in the Best Global Brands ranking are from the financial service industry. Insurance companies like AXA and Allianz, pay attention to their customers so their brand value did not decline as much. Other brands such as Amazon, Pepsi, Audi, Panasonic and Campbell’s have seized opportunities in this year. (in Chinese)
    More on Financial News
  • September 19 - Finance in absolute crisis. Including its image.

    Reports on the financial services’ catastrophic decrease in brand value. (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Finanza Mercati
  • September 19 - Brand value is falling

    Discusses the problems and loss of brand value this year. (in Russian)
    More on Kommersant
  • September 19 - Apple rises in "Best Global Brands" ranking

    Apple has risen in rank on Interbrand's 2009 list of Best Global Brands. The company rises four spots to number 20, and is ahead of other electronics companies like Sony and Nintendo.
    More on Macworld
  • September 18 - The World at 6 with Bruce Whitfield

    Interview with Doug de Villiers of Interbrand Sampson South Africa discussing the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on Talk Radio 702
  • September 18 - IBM, Microsoft are No2 and No3 in the 2009 Best Global Brand Ranking

    The top ten brands remain stable in spite of the global recession. Google is among the top risers with 25% ascending brand value to No. 7. (in Chinese)
    More on NetEase
  • September 18 - Death of brands greatly exaggerated

    A business report outlining the general trends on the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on The Globe and Mail
  • September 18 - The overall value of the 100 most valuable global brands drops for the first time in a decade

    A discussion of the top 10 Best Global Brands from 2009 and industry trends due to the global financial crisis. CEO Jez Frampton is quoted. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 18 - Bank Brands Suffer in Crisis

    The financial downturn has wiped billions off the value of the world's biggest banking brands, according to a new survey Friday. Jez Frampton, Group CEO of Interbrand, has more.
    More on CNBC
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola, IBM Named Top Brands

    In the face of a global economic crisis, the world’s biggest brands are still going strong.
    More on BrandWeek
  • September 18 - Best Global Brands

    Under these economic circumstances, some brands are up and others are down in the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking. (in Japanese)
    More on IT Media Executive
  • September 18 - Top 100 hottest brands

    An analysis of the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking and some key take-aways from the report.
    More on StopPress
  • September 18 - Recession changes consumer behaviour, 'trust' wins

    A summary of the major trends in the Best Global Brands ranking and how trust has affected consumer behavior.
    More on The National Business Review
  • September 18 - Several big banks dropped out of best global brand ranking

    4 of the 5 top decliners are from the financial service industry, but insurance companies like AXA and Allianz communicate well with customers, so the decline of their brand values was limited. Financial service brands will experience big changes and tier 2 brands will have opportunities. (in Chinese)
    More on
  • September 18 - News in brief

    A review of the top 10 Best Global Brands in 2009.
    More on B&T
  • September 18 - Interview with Laurence Newell, Interbrand Mexico Managing Director

    Laurence Newell discusses the 2009 Best Global Brands general results and the position of the Mexican brands in relation to the ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on Fórmula Financiera
  • September 18 - Brands in the crisis

    A discussion of the top 10 Best Global Brands from 2009 and how the global financial crisis affected the rankings. CEO Jez Frampton is quoted. (in Russian)
    More on Interfax
  • September 18 - Top-100 most valuable brands from Interbrand

    Contains the complete Best Global Brands 2009 ranking with commentary from Interbrand consultants. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 18 - American brands are still the most valuable

    Looking at the performance of the American brands, the decline of the financial services sector, and performance according to country of origin.
    More on Diario La Nación
  • September 18 - Interbrand top 100; Google, Amazon and Zara quickest risers

    A roundup of the 100 Best Global Brands rankings, with a specific focus on ING and developments around the Dutch brands. (in Dutch)
    More on MolBlog
  • September 18 - Advertising Themes Shift as Banks' Image Suffers

    Despite how financially successful they may have been in the past, banks still need to reinforce their brand.
    More on American Banker
  • September 18 - Google and Amazon gain most in Interbrand BGB survey

    A discussion on the ins and outs of the Best Global Brands2009 ranking.
    More on New Media Age
  • September 18 - Coca-cola is the most valuable brand in the world

    Announcing the Best Global Brands Report 2009, launched with BusinessWeek. (in Spanish)
    More on Excelsior
  • September 18 - Radio24 on the Best Global Brands 2009

    Including an interview with Interbrand Milan's managing director Manfredi Ricca on the top 5 brands, financial and Italian brands, and Google and Amazon.
    Download News Clip from Radio24 (Interview)
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola is considered the most valuable brand in the world

    An overview of the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking: who's up, who's down, who's new, etc. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 18 - Car brand: ecologic is beautiful

    Explains the concept of brand value and the methodology used by Interbrand, and underlines the stability of brands as assets in these tough economic times. Also analyzes the crisis in the automotive industry and its impact on the brands figured in the ranking. Manfredi Ricca is quoted. (in Italian)
    More on Motori24
  • September 18 - Strong Asian Branding

    Asian brands are performing well. Interbrand's Burton Blume, Executive Strategy Director for Asia-Pacific comments on the long-term performance of Asian brands and the financial services sector.
    More on CNBC Asia, "Squawk Box"
  • September 18 - Brand values of financial service brands declined significantly

    In the first year that the overall value of the Best Global Brands list declined by 4.6%, the financial services sector saw even bigger losses.
    More on Caijing website (top financial magazine in China)
  • September 18 - On the brand race track, Ferrari is followed by Armani

    The Italian team on the Best Global Brands list is strong with Prada and Gucci. A look at the Italian brands on the ranking, and the list's biggest risers, fallers, and new entrants. (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Il Mondo
  • September 18 - ING no longer a global brand

    As the financial services represent the greatest decline in brand value on the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking, we see ING's exit from the list. (in Dutch)
    More on Algemeen Dagblad
  • September 18 - Best Global Brands on The Marketing Minute Lead

    In spite of an economic crisis, some brands on the Best Global Brands 2009 are rising in value, including Zara, McDonald's, H&M and Ikea. (in Portuguese)
    More on Radio CBN
  • September 18 - Interbrand names Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft as best brands of the year

    A list of the top 10 Best Global Brands from 2009 and a discussion of the valuation criteria.
  • September 18 - Chanel yes, UBS no; Luxury brands rise and financial brands sink

    A summary of the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking with a focus on the luxury and financial sectors. (in Spanish)
    More on El Confidencial
  • September 18 - Zara is still the only Spanish brand in the Interbrand ranking

    An analysis of the major trends and ups and downs in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on Marketing Directo
  • September 18 - Interbrand: leaders of the most valuable global brands are Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft

    Discusses the top brands from the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola is named the most valuable global brand

    Discussion of the tope 5 Best Global Brands from the 2009 ranking. (in Russian)
    More on Лента.Ру (
  • September 18 - American brands are still the most valuable

    Looking at brand performance across industry and country of origin, with a special focus on the American financial services brands. (in Spanish)
    More on Diario La Nación
  • September 18 - Study: Vuitton Scores Highest Value in Luxe

    Evoking a feeling of trust among consumers is a key reason luxury brand Louis Vuitton has scored the top value among global, publicly held fashion players in Interbrand’s new annual report, “Best Global Brands 2009.”
    More on WWD ("Week in Review") | More on WWD
  • September 18 - Brands lose value without innovation and a clear cost-benefit relation

    Looking at the brands that lost value this year, including Harley-Davidson, Marlboro, Sony, Starbucks and Gap. Also discusses brands that increase in value such as Google,, and Zara. (in Portuguese)
    More on Valor Econômico
  • September 18 - The crisis has impacted the value of brands

    How the current global economic crisis has impacted this year's Best Global Brands ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on CNN Expansión
  • September 18 - Google is Booming

    Focuses mainly on technology and offers a background of the brand valuation process. Also underlines the increasing importance of the brands that prospered in today’s economy. Most of the article is focused on the growth of Google. (in Italian)
    More on
  • September 18 - Top Five Brands of 2009

    Interbrand New York's CEO Andy Bateman discusses the leading brands in this year's Best Global Brand's report.
    More on Fox Business "Money for Breakfast"
  • September 18 - Interbrand top 100: Dutch brand owners lag behind their competition

    How the Best Global Brands list shows the economic value of a marketing strategy, with a focus on the Dutch brands Philips, Shell, and ING. (in Dutch)
    More on MolBlog (Tijdschrift voor Marketing)
  • September 18 - Best Global Brands 2009 Launches

    A look at the top ten ranking, Google's rise, and the decline of the financial services sector. (in Chinese)
    More on ifeng
  • September 18 - Radio CBN's review of Best Global Brands

    A discussion of the five biggest decliners and risers, and the seven brands that have fallen out of the 2009 ranking. (in Portuguese)
    More on Radio CBN
  • September 18 - Google brand value on the rise

    Trust is a big issue in these uncertain economic times. Brands that maintained consumer trust rose in value, while those that did not fell. Global CEO Jez Frampton offers insight into the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on BBC Online
  • September 18 - ING drops out of the list of most valuable brands

    A summary of the 100 Best Global Brands 2009 rankings, with a specific focus on ING's exit from the list. (in Dutch)
    More on NRC Handelsblad
  • September 18 - Instant Kiwi celebrates 20th anniversary

    Instant Kiwi scratchies turn 20 years old this month. Interbrand has been the design company responsible for all the Instant Kiwi designs since the very first scratchie in 1989. Two new IKs have been released to celebrate the birthday – a collector’s edition Kiwi Treasures $1 ticket and a gold foil $3 Crossword.
    More on StopPress
  • September 18 - Interview with Laurence Newell, Managing Director of Interbrand Mexico

    Discussing the 2009 Best Global Brands results release with BusinessWeek and the status of Mexican brands. (in Spanish)
    More on IMAGEN INFORMATIVA - Imagen Empresarial 90.5FM
  • September 18 - Top-10 most valuable brands 2009

    Describes the change in value of the top-10 biggest brands. (in Russian)
    More on
  • September 18 - UBS: The Worst Brand Performance In 2009

    Taking a good hard look at the two biggest decliners in the Best Global Brands ranking.
    More on The Business Insider
  • September 18 - The crisis lowers brand value

    An analysis of the 2009 Best Global Brands Ranking and how the crisis has affected brand value. (in Spanish)
    Download News Clip from Actualidad Economica
  • September 18 - Fast food brands 'doing well' in recession

    Discussion of the major industry trends in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on The Telegraph
  • September 18 - Interbrand: Coca Cola is the most valuable brand of the decade

    A look at a decade of the Best Global Brands. (in Spanish)
    More on Sitemarca
  • September 18 - The world's top 100 most valuable brands

    The 100 most valuable brands for 2009 as ranked by consultancy Interbrand.
    More on The Daily Telegraph
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola is still the most valuable global brand

    Outlining the general trends in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking. (in Spanish)
    More on DossierNet
  • September 18 - As ING drops off, Shell and Philips remain the only Dutch brands in Brand Top 100

    Outlining the main developments of the Best Global Brands 2009 with commentary from Interbrand Amsterdam's managing director, Josh Feldmeth, and Philips' Global CMO Geert van Kuyk. (in Dutch)
    Download News Clip from Dutch Financial Times, Financieel Dagblad
  • September 18 - Best Global Brands on BNR News Radio

    Reviewing the ins and outs of the BGB 2009 ranking, with a special focus on how the Dutch brands have fared on this year's list. (in Dutch)
    More on BNR News Radio
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola remains first, Google, Amazon and Zara continue to climb

    In a year of big shifts, particularly in the financial industry, how are the Dutch brands fairing? (in Dutch)
    More on Marketing Tribune
  • September 18 - Interbrand: Trust, Familiary Drive Brand Equity

    Interbrand New York's Andy Bateman explains how brand equity can insulate a Best Global Brand.
    More on Marketing Daily
  • September 18 - Best Global Brands: Crisis decreases brand-name value.

    Looking at the 100 Best Global Brands ranking results, with specific focus on the key industries this year and the German and Swiss brands. (in German)
    More on HandelsblattMore on Handelsblatt (second article)
  • September 18 - Coca-Cola, the 69 billion dollar brand

    Discussion of the top brands in the 2009 Best Global Brands report.
    More on Mumbrella
  • September 18 - The top ten brands most valuable brands

    Looking at the general trends revealed in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking, with a focus on the top 25. (in Spanish)
    More on Fortuna Magazine
  • September 18 - Financial Firms are Biggest Brand Losers

    The brand value of many famous financial institutions has taken a battering over the past year, a new study has found.
    More on Sky Business News
  • September 18 - Coke, IBM still most valuable brands

    Summary of the 100 Best Global Brands rankings, including brands with Cincinnati-area ties. Includes quotes from Group CEO Jez Frampton.
    More on Cincinnati Enquirer
  • September 18 - Surprises in the new ranking of Interbrand's Best Global Brands

    A summary of the trends in this year's Best Global Brands ranking. (in Spanish)
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  • September 18 - Toyota drops in Interbrand brand top-100

    Outlines the moves of automotive brands on the list. Focuses specifically on Toyota's brand value developments. (in Dutch).
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  • September 18 - Success of Google, Amazon and Zara on Best Global Brands ranking

    Notes the strongest growers, decliners and new entrants in the Best Global Brands ranking, as well as the first ever total decline in value of the top 100 list. (in Dutch)
    More on Adformatie
  • September 18 - Interbrand: Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel are luxury champions

    An in-depth analysis of the luxury and retail sectors in the Best Global Brands 2009. Interbrand Milan's managing director Manfredi Ricca describes the origin of the luxury brands. (in Italian)
    More on ThinkLux
  • September 18 - Food firms doing well in recession

    An overview of industry trends based on the Best Global Brands ranking.
    More on UK Press Association
  • September 18 - Great Recession Takes Great Toll on Value of Brand Names

    Brand values took a hard hit, particularly in the financial services industry.
    More on The New York Times
  • September 18 - ING falls out of top 100

    How are the Dutch brands fairing in this year's Best Global Brands ranking? (in Dutch)
    More on FEM, Finance & Business
  • September 18 - The crisis lowers brand value

    A summary of the 2009 Best Global Brands ranking and how the financial crisis has affected brand value. (in Spanish)
    More on Actualidad Economica | Download News Clip from Actualidad Economica
  • September 18 - Still the real thing: Coke is globe’s best brand again

    A blurb about notable food and beverage brands in the Best Global Brands 2009 ranking.
    More on The Grocer
  • September 17 - Best Global Brands 2009 Report: The Great Trust Offensive

    Read all the coverage in our feature report with BusinessWeek.
    More on BusinessWeek
  • September 17 - Best Global Brands 2009 Video Interview with BusinessWeek

    More than a year into the recession, some brands are thriving, but most are not. Interbrand's Jez Frampton speaks with BusinessWeek's Burt Helm about the brands that topped the list.
    More on BusinessWeek
  • September 17 - Google bucks recession to soar in value by 25% in a year

    The Internet search company is big winner in the ranking of 100 most valuable global brands.
    More on The Guardian
  • September 17 - Credit crisis wipes billions off the value of banking brands

    Internet giants are among the biggest winners in the 2009 Best Global Brands report.
    More on The Independent
  • September 17 - The World's Best Brands: And the Winner Is...

    Turns out that during the downturn, Coke still has plenty of fizz. What's perhaps even more telling than the actual rankings are the year-over-year changes.
    More on Time
  • September 17 - Trust, Familiarity Drive Brand Equity

    The latest annual Interbrand report on the Best Global Brands says that ideas like trust, loyalty, familiarity and innovation matter more, not less, in an economic brown-out.
    More on MediaPost
  • September 17 - Interbrand BGB survey sees Google and Amazon rise

    Google and Amazon are the big winners in Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report with the highest gains in brand value while Coca-Cola remains on top.
    More on MarketingWeek
  • September 17 - World's 2 most valuable brands: Coca-Cola, IBM; List of the World's 10 most valuable brands

    Consumers lost trust in brands this year as the recession deepened, according to an industry report released Thursday, although longtime staples Coca-Cola and IBM retained their spots as the world's two most valuable brands.
    More on The New York Times | More on The New York Times
  • September 14 - VIB begins a new chapter of growth and development

    Announcing the relaunch of Vietnam International Bank (VIB), one of the top 5 Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam. (in Vietnamese)
    Download News Clip from Dau tu Chung Khoan (Security Investment)
  • September 12 - Subtle Cues Can Tell an Interviewer ‘Pick Me’

    Common missteps, and how to land the job.
    More on The New York Times
  • September 6 - Enter China's consumers

    A rapidly growing middle class is expected to do some serious shopping.
    More on Financial Post
  • September 1 - Caution: Fresh Paint

    After falling out of the public eye, Glidden underwent a packaging redesign to recreate, rebuild and re-establish itself as a national brand.
    More on BrandPackaging | Download News Clip from BrandPackaging
  • August 27 - The implications of museums spreading their brands

    The ‘Bilbao effect’ shows how a powerful museum brand revamps both city and art culture and economies.
    More on Design Week
  • August 19 - Shopaholics take a holiday

    Many of the big North American retailers are repositioning themselves with a price story, but is it working?
    More on The Globe and Mail
  • August 18 - If the name of a brand disappears

    Bank and insurance names are disappearing from the market, but the companies often aren't. What are the risks and rewards of shedding a brand? (in German)
    More on Financial Times Deutschland
  • August 17 - Torontonian hopes to spin a profit from new Cadillac cologne

    Will Cadillac's scent branding revive the struggling car company?
    More on The Globe and Mail
  • August 15 - Memo to CMOs: It’s The Packaging, Stupid

    What, exactly, is brand expression? We used to call it “corporate identity,” but today that term seems too narrow and limiting.
    More on BrandWeekDownload News Clip from BrandWeek
  • August 14 - Branding in the global market

    All of Japanese brands listed in the Best Global Brands are from automotive and electronics brands. How can Japanese brands from other industries, such as services, grow Japanese presence in the global market?
    More on White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2009 by Ministry of Economy, trade and Industry (English) | More on White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2009 by Ministry of Economy, trade and Industry (Japanese) | Download News Clip from White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2009 by Ministry of Economy, trade and Industry (Japanese)
  • July 24 - Investing in Brands

    To find the performance edge, look to brand power.
    More on BusinessWeek
  • July 23 - Switzerland Fights to Safeguard "Swiss Made" Label

    Switzerland invests in its country brand by strengthening qualifications around the "Swissness" of its exports.
    More on The New York Times
  • July 23 - Bankers: The New Lawyers

    Promoting a solid brand is a priority for many U.S. financial institutions like never before.
    More on The Globe and Mail
  • July 22 - Luxury Cars of the Future

    Top automakers are offering green glamour as they work to keep their brands top-of-mind.
    More on The Age
  • July 20 - The Changing Landscape of Pharmaceutical Marketing

    "The shift of the pharmaceutical industry from one based on blockbuster drugs to one based on smaller, niche medicines is affecting not just companies’ R&D strategies, but also how companies are marketing their drugs."
    More on Wall Street Journal
  • July 15 - You Can Reinvent Yourself Online

    "Online, people are discovered for who they really are, which is exactly what happens with brands."
    More on Wired Magazine
  • July 6 - Piaggio Pioneers Hybrid Scooter In Tough Market

    Piaggio gets a head start on the competition by launching the "first-ever hybrid electric-and-gas scooter."
    More on The Wall Street Journal
  • June 30 - Glidden restores the luster for paint brand

    Glidden Paint has begun to improve consumer recognition of its venerable Glidden brand of paint with a package redesign by Interbrand.
    More on Packaging World
  • June 29 - Launching a new car model is easy. What's hard is giving it a name.

    Launching a new car model is easy. What's hard is giving it a name. (in Portuguese)
    More on O Estado de São Paulo
  • June 26 - MadinSpain, the most important international design event in Spain

    Interbrand designs the brand identity of MadinSpain, one of the most important design events in Europe. (in Spanish)
    More on Europapress
  • June 23 - Interbrand redesigns DIA

    An article describing Interbrand's redesign of DIA's brand identity.
    More on Graffica
  • June 23 - Customer Communication More Important Than Ever

    Samsung and Sony's strategies during Asia's last economic crisis are proof that now is the best time to make a brand stronger. (in Korean)
    More on Dong-A Daily Newpaper
  • June 22 - Car Buyers Spurn GM, Ford as Japan Brands Retain Quality Aura

    Regardless of positive product ratings, US automotive brands are struggling to compete with Japanese brands' reputation and customers. The next 12 months are pivotal: What is the winning strategy?
    More on Bloomberg
  • June 21 - All the Brand Managers' Secrets

    Interbrand and leading brands Pirelli, Bulgari, Indesit, Credem, and Prysmian explain role of brand, brand strength and brand value. (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Il Sole 24 Ore
  • June 19 - Sexy chemistry – Lanxess: von Bayers Resterampe zum Erfolgsmodell

    How the Lanxess brand made chemistry into something exciting, vibrant and spirited. (in German)
    More on indukomDownload News Clip from indukom
  • June 18 - Google just doesn't understand its critics

    With global discussion about Google's data privacy heating up, what effect will this have on the Californian web giant's brand? (in German)
    More on Basler ZeitungMore on Tages AnzeigerMore on Der Bund
  • June 18 - The value of brand in the downturn

    Exploring the role of branding strategies and brand value in the information technology industry. (in Italian)
    More on DataManager
  • June 18 - Brand Health Check...Has GM's Hummer passed its sell-by date?

    Hummer has a fascinating history, substantial brand awareness and highly distinctive brand equities. But it needs serious re-engineering. Tengzhong has taken on a huge risk. But the global economic crisis will eventually end and men will renew their passion for toys. When this happens, Hummer may be able to sing again.
    More on Media Magazine
  • June 17 - Why British Airways Is Asking Staff to Work for Free

    How is BA's management strategy affecting consumer perception?
    More on Time
  • June 15 - Design Forum: Grether's Pastilles

    Design experts weigh in on the packaging for this 18th century Swiss lozenge brand.
    More on Shelf Impact
  • June 15 - Nürnberg celebrates 500 years of the House of Dürer

    Painter, graphic designer, architect, author, and creator of the first artistic monogram logo: Albrecht Dürer was the original marketing mastermind. To honor the 500th anniversary of the House of Dürer, Interbrand contrasted «Brand Dürer» from the early 16th century with elements of modern brand architectures, and found that the essentials don't change. (in German)
    More on Franken TV
  • June 10 - Financial institutions need to invest in their brand in order to compete

    Discusses the importance of branding for the financial institutions in these difficult and uncertain times. (in Spanish)
    More on El Confidencial
  • June 10 - Banking Under a TARP

    "With 10 of the nation's biggest banks repaying their TARP bailout funds, do consumers really care if a bank is still under the TARP? A new study shows they do. Apparently, many Americans are developing a good bank versus bad bank mentality when shopping for financial services."
    More on Nightly Business Report (watch video)More on Nightly Business Report (transcript)
  • June 9 - How brands can be strengthened by their people

    How investing more on brand-focused internal training will increase employee and consumer engagement, and in turn build a brand's value. (in Spanish)
    Download News Clip from Periódico Reforma
  • June 4 - THE DUBBING OF 'BING'

    "The new name for Microsoft (MSFT)'s search engine is meant to capture the sound effect of a lightbulb moment. But coming up with "Bing" was hardly spontaneous...It took six months and dozens of experts to settle on the name."
    More on BusinessWeek
  • June 4 - More than half of Americans do not have faith in their bank

    The financial breakdown is revolutionizing the financial industry and consumer behavior. The brands need to work to restore consumer´s confidence. (in Spanish)
    More on Marketing Directo
  • June 1 - Made in Germany. Do nations still create brands?

    Do nations still create brands, or if it is the other way around: brands create nations? (in German)
  • June 1 - Sustainable Brands Require Authenticity

    "Companies who stick their heads in the sand and ignore sustainability will not survive. If you are following, rather than being a market leader, your brand value is at risk."
    More on Matter Network
  • June 1 - Banks branding in China

    Although banks in China have invested a lot on corporate image advertising, which shows their confidence and consciousness of branding in the market, most of them are not sufficiently differentiated or relevant to consumers. (in Mandarin)
    Download News Clip from International AD Magazine
  • June 1 - Interpreting the BMW Brand

    BMW has become one of the great global brands through years of investment in creating and managing brand value. From strategy, to research, to design, to a comprehensive global implementation, there are four unwavering values that define the BMW brand, and which have been central to its success: dynamism, aesthetics, exclusivity and innovation. (in Mandarin)
    Download News Clip from International AD Magazine
  • May 29 - Tyson's Wright Brand Debuts Meatier Packaging

    The Tyson Wright® Brand is rolling out new packaging for its line of "Bigger, Better Bacon" products, the result of an extensive, two-year project with Interbrand.
    More on Brandweek | More on Package Design
  • May 28 - Microsoft Unveils Bing, 'The Sound of Found'

    Microsoft unveils its new search engine, a "decision engine" poised to convert people from "Google it" to "Bing it."
    More on AdvertisingAge
  • May 27 - Name game: how to make rebranding a success story

    When is rebranding a good idea, and what part does a name play in the brand's success?
    More on Daily Mail
  • May 26 - Italy also won the UEFA Cup

    Interbrand helped the Ukranian soccer team Shakhtar win the second most important European soccer championship. (in Italian)
    Download News Clip from Il Sole 24 Ore
  • May 20 - Zara's real-time store monitoring around the world, providing new design that customer wants within 2-3 days

    How Zara, Sephora, Starbucks and GS & Lotte Supermarket will overcome the downturn - look at the Best Retail Brands of 2009. (in Korean)
    More on The Korea Economic Daily
  • May 15 - At 50, the Mini Is Going Strong

    "Relaunched by Germany's BMW in 2001, the quirky, iconic British car has become an international success."
    More on BusinessWeek
  • May 14 - A Growing Defection Issue: More clients ready to switch as trust wanes

    An Interbrand study reveals that customer loyalty for financial services providers has waned.
    Download News Clip from American Banker
  • May 12 - Secrets of high-concept retailers

    The continued success of many high-concept retailers is a lesson in delivering the customer experience.
    More on Retail Customer Experience
  • May 11 - BP brings 'green era' to a close

    Is BP's new "responsible" positioning overshadowed by is spending cuts on sustainability?
    More on BBC News
  • May 8 - How Leaders Steer Through the Crisis

    How are some of the best global brands fairing in this economic landscape, and what lessons can be learned from them? (in Spanish)
    More on Fortuna
  • April 30 - $100 Billion Warren Buffett Doesn't Want

    "Today, I'd like to focus on one of the biggest -- and most recognizable -- competitive advantages a company can enjoy: brand power."
    More on The Motley Fool
  • April 28 - Similar Products, Different Prices

    Some companies are offering two versions of their products -- a pricey brand-name one and a bargain second-label twin.
    More on Kiplinger
  • April 20 - Interbrand report charts effects of recession

    The Best Global Brands Interim Report investigates the current economic climate's impact on global brand values, and outlines four current market scenarios.
    More on DesignWeek
  • April 7 - Beauty in the Beast: The Paradox of Ugly, Successful Websites

    Why is it that many of the most successful web brands are sidestepping the expected visual vernacular of the marketplace, even ignoring it all together?
    More on Website Magazine
  • April 2 - Boost Your Brand

    Finding a pitch person for your brand is often an endeavor worth exploring.
    More on Entrepeneur Magazine
  • April 1 - Goldman Setbacks May Weigh on Its Brand

    While often called the iconic brand of Wall Street, how has Goldman Sachs faired in the eyes of consumers?
    More on The Street
  • March 31 - Palm Pre May Not Match IPhone Debut as Economy Flags

    How will Palm's brand strength affect the Pre's success against Apple's iPhone and the Blackberry?
    More on
  • March 30 - Kodak Targets Soccer Moms; Analysts Say Think Young

    Kodak plans to refocus on its brand. Its first step needs to be understanding how its consumers have changed.
    More on Bloomberg | More on The Wall Street Journal
  • March 25 - InterbrandDesignForum CEOs Explain How Business-centric Branding Works

    Liveblogging the Most Valuable Retail Brand luncheon, and an interview with Global CEO Jez Frampton, Chairman/CEO Lee Carpenter, and Interbrand Design Forum's President, Bruce Dybvad.
    More on Mediabistro
  • March 23 - Crisis provides new chances for retailers

    During a recession, an integrated brand management strategy is of vital importance and constitutes a crucial factor of success. Which brands are harnessing their potential to emerge from this crisis with a stronger position? (in German)
    More on absatzwirtschaft
  • March 17 - Sustainable Brands '09 Attracting Blue Chip Brands; Sustainability Remains a Key Priority

    Sustainable Life Media today announces that Jez Frampton will be among the leaders kicking off the Sustainable Brands '09 conference with a look at "The Power of Brand to Change the Future."
    More on PR Newswire
  • March 17 - Top hotels urged to alter marketing strategy

    To attract cost-conscious travelers, luxury hotel chains must consider a brand strategy that includes their full portfolio.
    More on Marketing Magazine
  • March 16 - Design experts weigh in on stimulus recovery logos

    Two brand logos were recently commissioned to represent new US government programs. How effective are these designs, and were logos even necessary?
    More on USA Today
  • March 11 - America's Strongest Automakers

    Jez Frampton explains how good brand relationships with customers are helping some car brands in a tough automotive market.
    More on Forbes
  • March 5 - Telstra adds $3b in brand value

    Interbrand announces the Top 20 Australian Brands by Value. Telstra maintains its lead on the list for the fourth consecutive report.
    More on The Daily Telegraph
  • March 5 - Rita Clifton named as president of MRS

    Interbrand's Rita Clifton will be the next president of the The Market Research Society (MRS) in April.
    More on Marketing Week
  • March 3 - Brand as a prescription

    A perspective on the new communications strategies being tested by the German pharmaceuticals and healthcare market. (in German)
    Download News Clip from Jahrbuch Healthcare Marketing 2009
  • March 3 - Practicing Safe Social Marketing: Six Steps To Online Engagement

    Six ways to meet the challenges for healthcare companies in a digital and mobile world with social marketing.
    More on Pharmaceutical Executive
  • March 2 - Money: no laughing matter

    In the current climate, the old advertising strategy of irreverent humor isn't getting a laugh. How are financial brands changing their tone and reconnecting with their customers?
    More on The Guardian