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Message in a Bottle

As any visit to the local liquor store will show, the alcohol category is a crowded one, with established purveyors and niche players alike competing for shelf space. Gone are the days when a handful of labels made for a wellstocked bar. Today, there is a flavor, ingredient, method or vintage to meet any taste, tempting a new breed of cocktail enthusiast – and the mixologists who serve them – with ever more innovative concoctions. So, how do you stand out in a heavily populated category like this?


What's in store for 2012?

Each January, Interbrand looks to the year ahead and provides insights on 16 important sectors. Such insights will enable you to lead your brand to even greater levels of success.


Sustainable Innovation

Staying true to your brand promise


Sustainability and Packaging: a continuum

Reevaluate, innovate and protect your brand.


What's in Store for 2010?

Interbrand's sector experts share their thoughts on the upcoming year.


Memo to CMO's: It's the packaging, stupid

Great packaging can help a brand to connect emotionally with consumers and establish deep, loyal relationships.


Acting Like a Leader: the art of sustainable sustainability

You need to craft a distinctive, relevant, and lasting sustainable proposition that will differentiate your brand.


Private Label Brands: A Global Guide to the Rise of Private Label Brands

Consumer spending cutbacks create fantastic opportunities for private label brands to advance their market position. Read more about this growth industry.


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