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eBay's Transformation

Richelle Parham, Chief Marketing Officer of North America at eBay, speaks with Interbrand’s Rob Meyerson about eBay’s transformation

Richelle Parham

The new eBay is all about a deeper understanding of the customer. eBay gains this understanding by leveraging technology, including mobile, on which the company bet early and bet hard. Interbrand’s Rob Meyerson, Director of Verbal Identity, spoke with Richelle Parham, eBay’s CMO, about dramatic changes to the eBay brand.

Building Customer Experiences that Drive the Business
eBay’s reinvigorated focus on understanding the customer, combined with innovative technology, leads to a more relevant brand experience for customers.

Managing the Brand Through Transformation
eBay is at the forefront of the commerce revolution, focusing on four key areas: global, local, mobile and data. eBay’s new, evolved platform connects customers to the things they need and love, whether they want things immediately or through the thrill of the auction.

Empowering and Inspiring Women in Technology
eBay is focused on inspiring and empowering the next generation of women by creating opportunities that make everyone in the company more successful.


  • ABOUT Rob Meyerson
    Rob Meyerson is Director of Verbal Identity, Interbrand San Francisco.

    When asked, “What’s one thing you would change about the world if you could?” Rob answered: "I’d give Bill Clinton a third term in the White House. Maybe with Stephen Colbert as his Press Secretary."
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