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Microsoft's Big Bet Year

Jeff Hansen, General Manager of Brand Strategy for Microsoft, in conversation with Andrea Sullivan, Executive Director, Client Services, Interbrand New York

Microsoft is placing big bets this year that cut across all screens in the company's portfolio and positively impact the entire brand experience. Andrea Sullivan, Executive Director, Client Services at Interbrand, spoke with Jeff Hansen, General Manager of Brand Strategy at Microsoft, about what we can expect from the iconic tech brand.

Microsoft’s big bets
Microsoft executives are placing big bets in 2013 by re-imagining their brand portfolio and what their products can do for their customers, starting with the launch of their first tablet, Surface. Additionally, Jeff shares Microsoft’s point of view on brand experience and how their design philosophy is changing the look and feel of their products.

Driving and measuring brand equity
Jeff discusses how a cross-pollination approach is stretching the successes of individual product brands into other Microsoft brands and into the corporate brand, creating seamless experiences for consumers. Jeff focuses on the value generated from the affinity between Microsoft products and the impact on the health of the Microsoft brand.

Corporate citizenship at Microsoft
Jeff talks about how Microsoft empowers and supports employees’ own citizenship goals and efforts, and offers Microsoft’s technology expertise and tools to the next generation of tech talent.


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    Andrea Sullivan is Executive Director, Client Services, Interbrand New York.
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