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Interbrand Launches "Closing the Gap"

Posted by: Interbrand on August 21, 2013
Corporate Citizenship

The belief that brands have the power to change the world is an integral part of our values at Interbrand. We believe that responsibly using that power to make the world a better place is about more than checkbook philanthropy and extends even beyond the feel good moment. Investing brand power into Corporate Citizenship drives returns in the bottom line.

Our Corporate Citizenship discipline team, working with brands in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, helps clients align efforts with overall business strategies. In working on unlocking these growth opportunities for clients, the team saw an opportunity to create and curate monthly conversations about the global focus on linking social good to financial and brand ROI. We're pleased to announce the launch of Closing the Gap, a new monthly Corporate Citizenship newsletter.

Bringing together thought leadership from diverse sources, including Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands 2013 report with pieces such as The Contribution Equation: How Brands' Sustainability Initiatives Impact Employee Recruitment and Retention by Emily Grant and Chloe Frank and The Guardian's piece Smart business will act now to reduce their environmental impact. The stories brought together in the newsletter demonstrate what Corporate Citizenship looks like in action.

To subscribe to Closing the Gap and to learn more about Corporate Citizenship at Interbrand, please contact Tom Zara, Global Practice Leader of Corporate Citizenship.

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