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Interning at Interbrand Around the Globe

Posted by: Brittany Waterson on May 22, 2013
Pauline Tapin

As the world’s largest branding consultancy, Interbrand is proud to offer global opportunity to rising talent. With a multitude of disciplines, our internships allow undergraduates to gain hands-on experience in a branding environment. Interbrand’s unique program fully integrates the students into their respective departments and helps them gain an understanding of the branding world.

Interns at Interbrand Seoul Our global offices host different programs tailored to their individual location. Internships range from Korea’s competitive BDVL (Brand Design Vision Leaders) course, which is a mix of full time and part time periods, to Zurich’s six month challenge.

Around the world, Interbrand interns are gaining valuable experience, helping to shape their future careers. Brand strategist intern at the London office Libby Clifton-Astley recalls, “Starting at Interbrand I was immediately placed on a project for Topshop. I think this is where I learned the most -sitting in on client calls and experiencing every part of the process, it was all so impressive.” The chance to work directly with different clients is a benefit of the intern program.

The opportunity to travel to intern internationally is also a possibility with Interbrand. Cincinnati resident Jessa Strayer, who interned at the Singapore office, observed, “Being from America, I've learned how different aspects of design (color, pattern, shapes) can have different meaning for these brands than what they might have back home.” Interning abroad can be an exciting endeavor and an important tool in fostering new perspectives on the branding industry.

Interbrand New York PresentationsAt Interbrand New York, our interns participate in a ten-week program where they split their time between working as a team for a non-profit client and on billable deliverables. Last year, the interns of IBNY worked with Per Scholas, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through their Bronx-based IT training program.

Former BMS/Implementation intern Sam Schulman shares, “Working with Per Scholas was an amazing experience. Because of such a positive partnership, the work we did has actually been implemented." The team worked on solutions for re-shaping the Per Scholas brand and as of February 2013, the efforts of the intern team are now actualized on the organization’s website.

Interbrand New York is gearing up to welcome its Summer 2013 interns and Interbrand offices around the world have openings for interns throughout the year. To see our current international list of open internship positions, please visit our Careers Page. Interbrand across the globe is dedicated to providing an educational curriculum to students interested in the future of branding.

For more photos and quotes from our internship program participants from around the globe, please see our full album on Facebook.

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