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Interbrand Hamburg Develops Global Brand Spiriant

Posted by: Amy Edel-Vaughn on April 11, 2013

Spiriant's Visual Identity

LSG Sky Chefs, an international brand known for its airline catering, galley equipment and in-flight management, called upon Interbrand Hamburg to help develop Spiriant into an autonomous brand. After conducting market research and analyzing the scope of its in-flight equipment business in relation to its total offerings, it was clear there was great potential for an independent brand.

Under the flagship LSG Sky Chefs brand, the company’s in-flight equipment has won the Crystal Cabin Award, the Observeur du Design Award, the red dot: best of the best award and the Gold Mercury Award. As LSG Sky Chefs expands its portfolio of food management, onboard retail management, supply chain management and operations management to include lounge and train services, as well as school and hospital catering, Spiriant will carry on its award-winning tradition of in-flight product and equipment design.


Spiriant provides the Enlight product line, an eco-friendly series of lightweight, compact and durable porcelain tableware, trays and sugarcane tableware and meal boxes. The brand also provides a line of natural toiletries, linens, 100% cotton hot towels and ergonomic galley equipment.

To differentiate the newly independent Spiriant, Interbrand Hamburg created a verbal and visual identity for the brand. "The name and the slogan Spiriant bring 'Where Inspiration meets Performance' brand promise to the point," said Richard Veit, Managing Director of Interbrand Hamburg.

Spiriant's New Logo

Combining the essences of innovation, inspiration and initiative, the name expresses Spiriant’s work and vision for the future. The logo, incorporating a soft ampersand symbol (&) and plus sign (+) conveys the value proposition of Spiriant: creating value through the combination of emotion & function, design & technology and inspiration & performance. The secondary design element playfully embodies Spiriant’s creative process with its clients, personalizing work to meet individual needs.

Erdmann Rauer, LSG Sky Chefs, Sales Director noted, "The introduction of Spiriant underlines our intention to invest in the equipment activities even more. With more than 20 years experience in this business, we have the product knowledge, a qualified supplier base and the purchasing power to tap the existing market potential further."

Spiriant's Palette

Amy Edel-Vaughn is Interbrand's Community Manager.

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