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Ready or not, ICANN gTLD deadline looms

Posted by: Jerome McDonnell on December 13, 2011

As the January application period fast approaches, ICANN’s expansion of the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) system continues to draw condemnation.

At last week’s hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee, the Association of National Advertisers called the endeavor a “reckless experiment” and “fundamentally flawed.” Members of the Committee advised ICANN to slow down the process, pointing out that security recommendations made by the FBI need to be given careful consideration. All this just one day after the head of the FTC said the initiative could prove a “disaster.” Another hearing (held by the House Energy and Commerce Committee) is scheduled for Dec. 14th.

But lest it seem all doom and gloom, amid the criticism the National Telecommunication and Information Administration reiterated its support, while the Fairwinds Partners-backed CADNA took a proactive stance.

ICANN today defended its gTLD program as “carefully constructed,” and indicated in a blog post that it has no intention of delaying the implementation of new gTLD’s—the reality is that it’s going to happen, and very soon.

With one month to go until the application process begins, this is an uncertain time for brands and their owners. While applying for and operating a registry [open or closed] may not be right for everyone, the time for some sort of action is now: What brand owners need to immediately address is how all this will affect their online presence, their digital strategy, and their approach to protecting their brand(s)—for more information on this, download our free white paper, “What’s in a Domain?”

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