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Etymology: Your name rules. Now what? To interact, interface.

Posted by: Paola Norambuena on August 16, 2011

Your name rules. Now what?
To interact, interface.

The hard part is over, right? You have a name you love, you can own it, and it's captured in a beautiful logo. Your agencies and marketing teams are lined up, eagerly awaiting the new brand guidelines.

And yet what lies between the guidelines and the market is far more complex – an array of people and touchpoints that make up your brand. Before simply turning to a trusty spreadsheet, keep in mind that with a little bit of planning, and some very clever digital tools, brand management takes on a whole new meaning.

Give your brand a center

Once, when interviewing a client's staff on how they receive information, one respondent claimed, "If I want to know what's going on here, I check on Google." That's because, all too often, company intranets are a chore. Rethink the experience. A customizable brand center has the dual benefit of keeping your communications on brand even as it educates and engages your people. We've seen many brilliant digital examples of how to connect with employees – from videos to video games, from the informative to the interactive. If your company is undergoing a name change, don't let a comany-wide email make the introduction. This is an opportunity to re-invigorate your internal communications. This way, with your new name comes a new brand experience for your most valuable audience: your people.

When rules meet imagination

When discussing brand and naming guidelines recently, a dear client and friend of ours asked for one thing: "Give me the freedom of very tight parameters."

A great writer or designer will work magic with the smallest of leeway, but only when brand guidelines show them what's possible when rules meet imagination. Static documents won't get you as far as your brand can go. Think about interactive storytelling – and then add the dos and don'ts.

When it comes to naming, automated tools help people create on-brand names, plus navigate approvals and legal processes, so everybody gets on board and to market faster. Because guidelines are supposed to help you stay on brand, not limit it.

So, still thinking about that spreadsheet? Partner on planning instead because, as Interbrand's Lauren Thiele discusses, No Brand is an Island. And with an ROI approach to digital brand management, you can do even more than plan – you can realize significant budget savings, and align all your brand touchpoints for maximum impact.

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