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No Brand Is an Island, Partnering With Clients from Start to Finish

Posted by: Lauren Thiele on July 27, 2011

Implementation Planning and Defining the Brand Management Framework

So you’ve got a clearly defined brand strategy, spot-on messaging and a shiny new visual identity system. Now you have to put it all to work.

Launching and evolving brands is no small task, but it’s the seemingly minute details that are increasingly important in a world where brands reach ever deeper into new media territories. The more a client knows about the nitty-gritty of the brand landscape at the beginning of the process, the better they’ll be as they embark on launch day and beyond.
Partnering with our clients from the onset can make all the difference. When we take the time to integrate our respective teams and really do our homework, making the right choices is a much easier task. We want to walk in our clients’ shoes, and understand their world so we can work with them most  effectively throughout the planning process. When we get in the trenches, all sorts of opportunity for productivity improvements and cost efficiencies begin to open up. Information is truly the key. Examining everything from process workflows and systems to teams, functions, budgets and spends is paramount. In addition to being clear on what’s at play – and being able to identify where improvements are required – the plan will begin coming together at the beginning of the process, as opposed to scrambling to deal with implementation as an afterthought.

Our approach to brand management is based on a framework of tools, systems, education, collaboration, inspiration, motivation, support, and finally measurement and tracking. A successfully managed brand is the sum of all these parts performing in concert. The ultimate goal is to align organizations for successful growth and a strong and consistent brand presence. Partnering with our clients to put this framework into place gets results. So let’s roll up our sleeves and dig in.

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