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Want a new speedboat? Try Porsche Design's million dollar advent calendar

Posted by: Katy Buckley on Wednesday, December 15 2010 11:52 AM

December has arrived and I've opened the first doors on my advent calendar. The familiar flavour of chocolate can mean only one thing, Christmas has landed.

This year, an exclusive few are in for a different experience when they pull back one of Porsche Design’s million dollar calendar’s advent doors: they might just find a speedboat. Not since Bullseye has such an extravagant prize been awarded. But this is just one of the delights in what has been billed as the worlds most exclusive advent calendar — one of just five available worldwide, one for each continent (a considerate foresight).

Other highlights hidden in the six foot tall tower include a Porsche designed rose gold watch, a pair of gold sunglasses, cufflinks and running shoes — not forgetting, of course, a designer kitchen (just how they fit it all in is not clear).

The calendar has been on display for purchase at Harrods which, according to managing director Michael Ward, “has long been associated with unveiling innovative and highly exclusive products.”

Because Porsche has issued so few, they are all likely to be sold. And while some may be outraged at the blatant display of wealth, it may prove to be a smart (and playful) move for the luxury car brand to leverage its exclusivity.

I'll have to resign myself to cheap chocolate this year, but I've high hopes for extraordinary treats in 2011.

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