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Instinctive Design: Developing iconic, unforgettable design

Posted by: Dyfed "Fred" Richards on June 09, 2010

Is package design an art, a science, or a strategic blending of the two?  When a brand has just 20 feet and five seconds to attract a shopper’s attention at shelf, companies need to develop iconic, unforgettable, instinctive package design that delights consumers and deliver sales. 

To learn how instinctive design can connect with shoppers’ key emotions and produce as much as an 80 percent conversion rate, register now for an exclusive, June 15th webcast on the topic from Shelf Impact and Interbrand. I'll be presenting as well as Leigh Bachman, Interbrand's Executive Director of Brand Strategy.
To register, visit Instinctive Design: Developing iconic, unforgettable design that delights and connects with consumers.

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