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  • Posted by: Jahaun Umar on Monday, July 18 2011 12:36 PM | Comments (0)

    Ensuring the keepers of your brand maintain consistency and quality, and provide definitive insight for special circumstances is a daunting task. This is best accomplished through a well-rounded approach that utilizes the proper guidelines, visual references and access to those who can offer guidance on how to and how not to approach real-life and frontline scenarios.

    Ultimately it starts by documenting the proper usage of visual and verbal brand elements. And by this I mean Brand Guidelines. These are the textbooks of the branding world: rules, specifications, history, applications . . . all the standards for your brand. An invaluable resource, guidelines are your compass, leading you to what you need to know, like the Pantone® green in your logo, so you can get custom golf balls for your next charity event — it’s all there. With today’s technology and digital distribution we have the ability to update page by page as needed and redeploy. No need to worry if the document is up-to-date.
    For those who feel like reading about their brand just isn’t enough — or too much — brand training is essential. Whether it is a live in-person group presentation or web video modules, this is your lecture hall. You get to hear, and more importantly, see your brand coming to life.

    With both guidelines and training, you are probably ready to go forth. But what happens when they aren’t enough? Or, maybe you’d just like an opinion before you decide whether or not that concept is right for your brand. A brand help desk gets you in touch with not only the people who helped frame your brand but an expert view on the nuance of various disciplines. Need help crafting that headline? Maybe you want to know why your proof is red instead of orange. Or how do you treat your logo in an odd size digital advertisement. With a brand helpdesk you provide that extra level of support that helps ensure a consistent brand experience at every point of touch.
    As long as brands need consistency, you will need guidelines… and training… and support. It’s best to get them right.

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