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  • Posted by: Lindsay Beltzer on Wednesday, October 30 2013 05:34 PM | Comments (0)
    Borja Borrero and Alicia Romero

    Pictured: Borja Borrero, Creative ED, Interbrand Madrid and Alicia Romero, Brand Manager, Mahou San Miguel

    The international panel of jurors, professionals whose careers span decades in diverse disciplines of design, selected Interbrand for five Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013 honors. Receiving 16,000 applications from 70 countries this year, the Red Dot Award is one of the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. Interbrand Madrid, Seoul, New York, Hamburg and Cologne were all recognized for their innovative executions in animation, video creation, environmental design, and corporate design.

    We’re proud to share an overview of our award-winning work as we celebrate this prestigious feat:


    Selected one of the Red Dot’s select "Best of the Best" of 2013, Interbrand Madrid created and produced a video for the Spanish brewing company, Mahou. Aimed at garnering greater visibility of the beer brand (in an increasingly competitive market category) – the Madrid team delivered a compelling and unexpected audio-visual experience. Filmed in 360 degrees against a black background, different elements of the logotype and the label were used in a deconstructive mobile installation, rotating and superimposing them on top of the bottle to convey the high quality of this beer. Shown in a continuous loop, this approach resulted in the illusion of an endless ballet that revolves or dances around the bottle.

    According to a statement from the jury: “This video manages to break loose from the familiar advertising aesthetics in this branch by creating an entirely new style. The various elements such as animation, typography and, above all, the sound design are interwoven in a highly elegant manner to order to create an engaging and lasting impression. The video thus gives convincing proof that beer can also be envisioned differently.”

    Commenting on the award, Borja Borrero, Executive Creative Director of Interbrand Madrid said, “Having been recognized as one of the 62 ‘Best of the Best’ awards is an incredible honor. The video, which was first showcased at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, has been showed at various events and celebrations throughout the country. We’ve very proud of this work and believe it powerfully delivers against the brand proposition whilst proving an unique and compelling audiovisual experience.


    Against the backdrop of Madrid’s comprehensive urban regulations concerning building signage, Interbrand Madrid made intelligent use of Repsol’s (the Spanish multinational oil and gas company) new building façade at its corporate headquarters. The vertical panels of the façade were redefined as a narrative medium. A deconstructed wordmark was applied there, using anamor-phic distortion. The environmental design has thus managed to both successfully deliver the message of the brand’s leadership aspirations and lend it a modern, dynamic expression.



    Interbrand Seoul created a unique packaging design for BeautifulStore, an organic fair-trade chocolate brand produced by The Beautiful Coffee Foundation. The packaging design represents the growing hope made possible by fair-trade practices. The packaging stands out from competitive products due to a design solution that focuses on the ceremonial moment when the chocolate is unpacked. When the box is opened and the packet removed, the crown of a tree starts to grow. This growing cacao tree is a symbol of hope. It implies that society needs fair trade just as much as trees need water and light. A flexible color scheme allows customers to differentiate between the flavors, while the cocoa content of each blend is quoted in a highly visible place.

    Beautiful Store


    To support their 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show keynote presentation, mobile chip giant, Qualcomm, needed animations that showed the wonder, inspiration, and the engineering expertise behind the inventions of their company. Drawing inspiration from the technical drawings of electrical engineering, Interbrand New York created a system of symbolic diagrams. Designed to move and interact with each other beautifully on the screen, the animation takes the viewer on a visual journey inside the minds of the engineers.


    Deutsche Telekom

    Interbrand Hamburg and Cologne were recognized for their creation of Deutsche Telekom’s 2012 Annual Report. The publication features a fresh, unique approach to convey the idea that “anything is possible – you just have to Telekom it yourself.” The front cover features the core messages printed on top of each other, creating a playful moiré pattern. An enclosed magenta transparency provides a surprise for the reader – when placed on the illustrations in the first few pages, the patterns move. Photos of board members, clients and employees are shown as smartphone snapshots to reinforce the idea of how everyone is developing the digital future together. The facts and figures are clearly structured for quick reference.

    Deutsche Telekom

    The awardees received their trophies on stage of the Konzerthaus Berlin, held from October 18th to 19th in the company of 1,400 guests from around the world. Congratulations to our teams from around the world! To learn more about the Red Dot Awards, click here.

    Lindsay Beltzer is Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Communications for Interbrand.

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  • Posted by: Jennifer Vasilache on Wednesday, February 29 2012 12:43 AM | Comments (0)

    “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Chocolate…” — Homer Simpson

    This year, NYC’s The City Bakery celebrates the 20th year of its month-long Hot Chocolate Festival. Two decades of hot-chocolate-perfecting expertise? Tempting. But take a look at the list of the festival‘s flavor names, and admit you’re powerless to resist The City Bakery’s chocolatey charms.

    Every day for the past 28 days, we here at Interbrand in NYC have been lured through their front doors by names like Darkest Dark, Vietnamese Cinnamon, and Sunken Treasure. What is it about these flavor names that make them sing like a siren song?

    Let’s take a closer look to decipher the hidden meanings and identify the secrets that make these flavors so enticing.

    • Milk Chocolate, Darkest Dark

      Two descriptive names that celebrate the two ruling chocolate varieties. They speak to purists—the true and unapologetic chocoholics—and to those whose chocolate craving is only satisfied by simplicity.

      Here the beauty exists in the relationship between the form (simple and descriptive names) and the content (traditional flavors). We see simplicity, authenticity, genuineness—with a pinch of conservatism—answering consumers’ practical need for traditional chocolate.

    • Espresso, Banana Peel, Caramel, Lemon, Ginger, Earl Grey Tea, Beer, Chili Pepper

      Another batch of descriptive names, but these are anything but traditional. Whether they sound like a classic combo (Espresso) or a dynamic duo (Chili Pepper), the spotlight is now really on the flavor; chocolate’s role here is the friendly, reliable mate. These simple names promise an epicurean experience—combining the functional (highlighting the ingredient) and the emotional (permission to try a new flavor in the context of a familiar one) for maximum impact.

    • Tropical, Bourbon, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Chinese Cinnamon

      The contrast between the concrete descriptor (hot chocolate) and the more conceptual flavor name (e.g. Tropical) makes these names so transportive. One minute you’re sipping cocoa on an NYC sidewalk; the next you’re lounging on a beach, sipping chocolate out of a coconut. Fancy! The names play a self-indulgent role for The City Bakery: They reinforce connoisseurship by emphasizing the product’s inspired composition.

    • Sunken Treasure, Super Bowl, Happy, Love Potion, Moulin Rouge, Ode To The Polar Bear, What Would Faulkner Drink, Leap Year

      No clue of what you are in for? That’s the fun part! The City Bakery fills your cup with mysteries: incredible stories, fun adventures, unexpected experiences. As you gulp down Ode To The Polar Bear, picture a gang of Eskimos performing a frenetic dance around a fire. Figure out What Would Faulkner Drink on the banks of the Mississippi (think it’s some kind of hard liquor? You’re right!). Finally, as you drink your Leap Year, with hope in your heart and a chocolate ‘stache on your lip, you find serenity in the reminder that there’s still so much sweetness in the world.

      Empathetic, fun, and cheeky, this funky selection communicates the bakery’s intention of getting closer to their consumers through storytelling and the promise of a surprise.

    As they cover the spectrum of flavors, they use a rich range of naming approaches that ensure every palate finds its match. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their 21st birthday!

    Jennifer Vasilache is Senior Consultant, Verbal Identity, Interbrand New York

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  • Posted by: James Moore on Monday, April 26 2010 02:07 PM | Comments (0)

    Last year, Interbrand had the delicious pleasure of working on a new brand identity for ethel's chocolate, part of the Mars family of brands. In fact, this very special chocolate is named after Ethel Mars, who created some of the original recipes in her kitchen as far back as 1911. The brand was created in 1981 by the company's founder, Forrest Mars Sr., as a tribute to his mother. How sweet is that?

    Our job was to breathe some fresh life and modern sensibility into the brand to give these great chocolates the attention they deserve. We are proud to see our efforts come to life in ethel's Las Vegas retail stores, where their new verbal and visual identity has been rolled out.

    The brand will continue to phase in its new identity over time, but the first step was introducing the labeling system Interbrand created to their existing packaging. The look creates a much more vibrant presence on shelf and gives consumers the feeling of a bespoke product. Rest assured, all of the chocolates are finished by hand and made without preservatives, so they deserve to be showed off in a special wrapper.

    Get on their website or get yourself to Vegas and try some for yourself. We’re placing our bets on brown.

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