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  • Posted by: Natalie Silverstein on Tuesday, August 20 2013 06:46 PM | Comments (0)
    Friends of the Children New York Presentation

    As the leading global branding consultancy, Interbrand continues to capitalize on the market of rising talent throughout the globe. Through an intensive, cross-disciplinary program, a select group of students have the opportunity develop hands on experience within the environment of a true branding faculty. Each global office offers a unique educational program, and this summer participants in the New York office have been busy.

    Each year Interbrand New York trains between 10 and 15 interns, exposing students to the client-facing nature of the industry. The interns work together on a project for a not-for-profit client in which they follow the process of rebranding. At the end of 10 weeks, Interbrand interns leave with the experience of working with a client, helping to reshape the vision of their brand.

    This year, IBNY interns worked with an organization called Friends of the Children New York, helping to communicate FOTCNY’s game-changing vision of breaking the cycle of poverty to a larger audience. With consistent communication with FOTCNY, the interns combined marketing research with client feedback to develop a solid strategic foundation.

    This strategy platform laid the groundwork for the project, eventually leading to the implementation of a revitalized brand. Messaging platforms were delivered as well as design templates accompanying a new logo. As of 2014, these efforts should come to life on FOTCNY’s newly designed website.

    Friends of the Children New York is an organization looking toward the future, focusing on one child at a time. Working closely with the Robinhood Foundation’s vision for fighting poverty in New York City, the group of Interbrand New York interns was able to gain valuable experience through working on a significant client project. As a team, Interbrand helped elevate FOTCNY’s innovative vision for eliminating poverty in NY, while also strengthening its talent base.

    Natalie Silverstein is a member of the Interbrand New York intern team.

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