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Opening Up


Daniel Diez in conversation with Jeff Mancini on the inspiration for IQ’s digital issue


Today, digital is not just another channel or a ‘bolt-on’; it is fundamental to who brands are. There is no longer such a thing as a stand-alone digital strategy. Digital needs to be an integral part of a holistic brand strategy fit for the world we live in - a world where the majority of brand experiences are, or soon will be, digital or digitally enhanced.

World Changers

We examined the good and the great and talked to the best and brightest. In the process we uncovered the 6 dimensions that every brand must possess if they want to be truly world changing.

  • The Comedic Side of Digital

    Baratunde Thurston, former Digital Director of The Onion and Founder of Cultivated Wit, talks with Interbrand's Mick McConnell about the power of humor in the digital and social media space.
  • Dominik Prinz with James Slezak

    Online Organization to Offline Action

    James Slezak, Partner at Purpose, talks with Dominik Prinz about creating powerful movements by combining political organizing, behavioral economics, brand strategy and organizational design.
  • Marzano

    People Over Platforms

    Thomas Marzano, Global Creative Director for Digital Brand Design at Philips, elaborates on the deeper human verities of brands in a wide-ranging talk with Patrick Stal of Interbrand Amsterdam.

  • DELL

    Listening Up

    Sarah Lent, talks with, and listens to, Karen Quintos, Dell Senior Vice President and CMO, about Dell’s innovative approach to customer care—that’s caught on not only at the computer giant but at the Red Cross as well.
  • riederle

    Going Native

    Philipp Riederle, 18-year old podcaster and entrepreneur speaks the truth to Interbrand’s Christian Beckstein about how this up-and-coming wave of digital natives will lead established companies into the future—not the other way around.
  • AT&T

    Building a Better Pipeline

    Sam Zellner, Executive Director of Innovation at AT&T, talks with Interbrand’s Jeff Mancini about the unique culture of innovation he’s helping to manage at AT&T and the new processes they’ve put in place to turn ideas into truly useful technology.

  • Starbucks

    Widening the Social Circle

    Mick McConnell in conversation with Adam Brotman, Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer and #3 on Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People, on using interactive digital platforms to keep people looped in—and turned on to the still relevant, still pioneering coffee brand.
  • Nissan

    The Extra Gear is Social

    Jeff Mancini in conversation with DeLu Jackson, Nissan’s Global Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media, on moving the focus from the actual automobile to the “connected consumer.”

Brand Remix

Our interactive mashup between traditional and digital helps business thinkers of all stripes open up to the truth: Business is business, and a great idea born in one arena often sees its greatest impact in another.

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Points of View

  • Strat_Cross_Pol

    Strategic Cross Pollination

    David Trahan on the ways businesses can break down traditional and digital boundaries and follow innovative thinking to new levels of success.

  • Branding_Candidates

    Branding the Candidates

    Forest Young and Jeremy Villano examine the evolution of digital brand strategy in Barack Obama's presidential campaigns, and the challenge of authentically connecting with voters digitally.
  • The_Digital_Ruckus

    The Digital Ruckus

    David Trahan and Alan Roll on the rise of the “new print” - carefully curated content that makes things worthy of being printed.

Brands to Watch

  • Brand_Spotting


    What’s that brand coming on the horizon to change our lives?