Best Global Brands 2010


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Top Ten Brands in 2010

1 Coca-Cola70,452 ($m)
2 IBM64,727 ($m)
3 Microsoft60,895 ($m)
4 Google43,557 ($m)
5 GE42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald's33,578 ($m)
7 Intel32,015 ($m)
8 Nokia29,495 ($m)
9 Disney28,731 ($m)
10 HP26,867 ($m)
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How do you see the marketing of brands changing in the next five to 10 years?

Although well-established brands such as Corona Extra will undoubtedly remain true to their core, it is undeniable that traditional marketing media has changed rapidly over the past few years and will continue to do so in the immediate future.

Our younger audiences will increasingly get more of their information from social networks, cell phones, blogs and other rapidly evolving media. All companies will have to adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Another factor that will play an important role is the increased awareness of responsible consumption, not only of beer and other alcoholic beverages, but also of most products around us.

We will have to innovate in both the virtual media and the point of sale. We’ll increasingly see more one on one contact with our consumers. Effective marketing will have to be extremely focused on the specific demands of our consumers, who will make themselves heard by all these new means.

Is there a single touchpoint of your brand that you think will be more influential to your consumers in the next five years?

I am quite certain Corona Extra will continue to be linked to life’s refreshing and meaningful moments. Corona Extra is – and will in all likelihood continue to be – the right beer for a wide range of special moments and celebrations. That has been the core of the brand since its creation and I believe it will continue to resonate as such for many years to come. We know there is no other beer like Corona Extra and its single most important touchpoint is its capability to brighten any moment.

The spirit of the brand is related to enjoying what you do and what you have.

What points can you share from your experiences that contribute in building a successful brand?

Our company philosophy has always implied extreme care of the product: quality does matter, and it is highly valued by the consumer. So, our investments in ensuring quality have definitely paid off. We operate with the most advanced processes and procedures in the industry and we have recently opened our newest brewery, which is currently the most modern in the world. This has played a very important role in supporting our strategy to position our products both abroad and in our domestic market.

Modelo has always pushed brand managers and advertising agencies to create campaigns that are remembered by consumers and that resonate with its audience. It is important that our campaigns reflect our company values as well as the brand’s attributes, in a way that can be embraced by our consumers.

Success is only possible with a quality product, a long-term strategy, constant innovation, an efficient and extensive distribution network and an excellent team of people committed to getting excellent results.

How does your brand influence the decisions made at your organization?

At Grupo Modelo we are convinced that the success of our individual brands and of the company as a whole in both the domestic and the international markets is a reflection of several important factors: the talent of the people that make up the company, the quality of our products, the strength of our brands, our focus on satisfying the needs of our consumers, efficiency in production, an extensive distribution network, excellence in service and a strong commitment to social responsibility. This is all behind the success of a brand like Corona Extra.

In this “age of responsibility,” how do you see your customer changing?

For many years now we have advocated a healthy lifestyle and the safe consumption of our products, not only through our extensive responsible drinking programs, but also through responsible advertising and environmentally conscious production. Our company understands that optimizing and reusing resources is a necessity, as well as safeguarding the communities where we operate. We have a strong commitment to the environment that is reflected in the investments made in improving processes and lowering contaminant emissions, saving energy, preventing environmental impact and continuing to improve our certified environmental management system.


Jose Pares of Grupo ModeloJosé Parés is Vice-President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Grupo Modelo. He was born in Mexico City in 1970. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Panamericana and an MBA from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). He also completed the executive management D-1 program at the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa, IPADE.

José began working at Grupo Modelo in 1994 and has held different positions within the company, including financial planning and investment analysis. Before being appointed to his current position, he served as Director for Communications and Image.

He was appointed Vice President, International Markets in 2005 and has been Chief Sales and Marketing Officer since 2009.