7,722 $m
Despite limited growth this year, mostly due to restrained consumer spending, Heinz jumps up a few spots to #46, as its brand strength and role of brand both improved steadily in 2012. Having built a globally recognized brand that is a model of consistency, Heinz further empowers its brand by responding to changing consumer preferences and taking an innovative approach to business. A top-performing company that takes corporate citizenship seriously, Heinz is now using Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle technology for their new ketchup bottle, making good on their ongoing commitment to sustainable packaging. Also committed to sustainable agriculture, their HeinzSeed program created a non-genetically modified hybrid tomato seed that produces a higher yield, lowers the company’s carbon footprint, and produces tomatoes that are more disease-resistant and require less pesticide. In response to consumer demand for healthier options, Heinz introduced a certified organic ketchup, a low-sugar ketchup, and a line of gluten-free products. Rated number one in Customer Satisfaction (ACSI) for addressing consumers’ changing needs and skillfully using social media to engage the public, Heinz continues to build upon its strong brand and prove that it is a company we can trust with our food.