7,643 $m
Colgate, a leading producer of oral hygiene products, enjoyed another banner year of steadily high earnings by investing heavily in emerging markets while keeping costs at a minimum. Making major inroads into India, Colgate currently occupies half the Indian oral care market and, with only a few major competitors, has more room to build its market share. Realizing the importance of innovation, Colgate continues to introduce new products, like the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste to treat tooth sensitivity and Optic White regimen, a fast, convenient whitening system that features Colgate’s best-selling toothpaste, Optic White. As committed to improving the world as it is to improving smiles, Colgate also ranks high in corporate citizenship. The brand has long supported charitable endeavors such as the Colgate Women’s Games and the Starlight Children Foundation. This year, the Human Rights Campaign gave Colgate an “A” for supporting diversity in the workplace. A trustworthy reputation and a strong portfolio of products have kept Colgate a household name in North America and are strengths as the brand consolidates its market leadership in other parts of the world.