6,184 $m
Allianz, the German multinational financial services company with its core business in insurance, survived Greece’s debt crisis admirably. Though revenues declined and net income was heavily impacted by market turmoil, an operating profit within the expected range demonstrates Allianz’s fundamental strength as a business. A decrease in 2012 claims also helped, but part of Allianz’s resilience can also be attributed to its brand. Positioning itself as a “trusted partner,” Allianz has a strong customer focus and skillfully uses technology to connect with consumers and improve customer service. Continuing its mission to become fully digitized, Allianz has offered its annual report as an interactive iPad app and has implemented high-tech solutions that make the “design, quote, obtain” process easier for customers. Having succeeded in putting a human face on its brand, most notably through the global “One” campaign, Allianz now has a unified brand that leverages cost synergies, enhances its global presence, and supports a consistent global brand experience.