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Top Ten Brands in 2010

1 Coca-Cola70,452 ($m)
2 IBM64,727 ($m)
3 Microsoft60,895 ($m)
4 Google43,557 ($m)
5 GE42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald's33,578 ($m)
7 Intel32,015 ($m)
8 Nokia29,495 ($m)
9 Disney28,731 ($m)
10 HP26,867 ($m)
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Interactive Presentations

Best Global Brands presentationBest Global Brands 2009: Insights and Overviews
Global Chief Executive Jez Frampton reviews the big takeaways from the 2009 Best Global Brands Study.

A Decade of Best Global Brands

A Decade of the Best Global Brands
View the top 20 brands' and industry performance over the past 10 years.


Our Methodology
Learn about our methodology for valuing brands.

Interviews with Global Brand Leaders

  • "We have a clearly defined brand mission, vision, and values. Authenticity plays a vital role here... It builds trust and credibility with the consumer and provides the basis for identification with your brand, and it must never be jeopardized." Erich Stamminger, adidas group

    Erich Stamminger, adidas group
  • "The brand is treated as a strong, differentiating asset, from employer branding to corporate, distribution, and product branding. The brand has earned a place within the business decision process and is perceived as a differentiator in the marketplace. Every business entity branded Allianz has to contribute to the overall Allianz value proposition." Steven Althaus, Ph.D., Allianz AG

    Steven Althaus, Ph.D., Allianz AG
  • "Providing superior customer service that goes above and beyond the norm is something we place considerable emphasis on within our organization. Our aim is to ensure that we give our customers the confidence they are increasingly asking for in this climate. We reassure them that we've got them covered—wherever they are in the world." Alison Bain, American Express

    Alison Bain, American Express
  • "If you had a long stretch out there in the marketplace of 'more is more and more is good,' now you have a significantly different value shift out there in the marketplace. I think this is most apparent in the luxury segment. I think there is a return to quality; I think there is a return to things that have substance." Scott Keogh, Audi of America

    Scott Keogh, Audi of America
  • "BMW has identified very early on that, next to our products, the brand is the second strongest pillar for our success. It delivers the emotional added value that is very important for our customers." Jan-Christiaan Koenders, BMW

    Jan-Christiaan Koenders, BMW
  • "The importance of brand coherence across geographic boundaries and across internal and external audiences contributes to building a successful brand." David Bickerton, BP

    David Bickerton, BP
  • "...The world economy is at its most dynamic and borderless threshold ever. Between the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of free market economies, and the sheer will and size of government-driven economies, we'll continue to see steep change and innovation that will spur growth for centuries to come." Russ Klein, Burger King

    Russ Klein, Burger King
  • "In my experience, simplicity has always been entirely more effective than complex brand development and communication, so a robust, authentic strategy is always better than an over-engineered and somewhat aspirational approach."James Leipnik, Canon

    James Leipnik, Canon
  • "With over 7,000 direct employees across the world, I believe we should all see ourselves as custodians of the Gucci brand—a brand that was here before all of us and one that will survive all of us. The long lasting values of the brand ultimately inform and guide every decision we make and they also inspire all of us along the way."Patrizio di Marco, Gucci

    Patrizio di Marco, Gucci
  • "At KFC we pride ourselves on being customer maniacs. In the service industry this is and will continue to be the most important touchpoint. We have to excel and come up with different and innovative ways to provide the best consumer experience. In a way we are lucky, because we literally control the touchpoint and therefore the outcome."Javier Benito, KFC

    Javier Benito, KFC
  • "The combination of a highly visible global sports platform, a global ad campaign (TV, press, billboards, online), a strong PR effort, and over 120 local business activations across 30-plus markets put ING on the map as a global and leading financial services company in just two years' time."Isabelle Conner, ING

    Isabelle Conner, ING
  • "McDonald's is the most brand and customer orientated business for which I have worked. The brand is a language that everyone speaks, from the Global Chief Executive to a restaurant manager." Jill McDonald, McDonald's

    Jill McDonald, McDonald's
  • "In our industry, Moët has succeeded in seeing champagne emerge from its historical market of alcoholic beverages to become a luxury brand. This has influenced the entire sector and driven it towards 'premium.'" Marc Jacheet, Moët & Chandon

    Marc Jacheet, Moët & Chandon
  • "At Philips, the brand informs how we do business, from product development to the billing department. 'Simplicity' is not just a tagline. It is a guiding principle, which is continuously tracked externally and internally."Geert van Kuyck, Philips

    Geert van Kuyck, Philips
  • "Next to our employees, the brand is our company's most important immaterial asset, and protecting its value is of great importance to everyone at Siemens." Michael Rossa, Siemens

    Michael Rossa, Siemens

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