Gap Score
“Xerox innovations minimize the environmental impact of our customers’ businesses, maximizing our collective value for society,” states Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO. A key strategic focus for the brand—which moves up three spots this year thanks to improved perceptions and performance—is enabling sustainable enterprise, which focuses on efforts that positively impact internal stakeholders, customers, and the environment. Keeping with its promise of making business simpler and sustainable, Xerox strives to take the “excess waste” out of all products and services, and all internal and external activities. A digital sustainable dashboard highlights the company’s corporate citizenship performance across the board, from workplace to customers, and from communities to businesses. Energy-saving technologies and products use less power and reduce the amount of e-waste going to landfills, while advanced transportation data and image processing optimize and reduce overall traffic congestion, making Xerox a leader for sustainability globally. Despite these efforts, awards, and transparency, Xerox still is not getting credit for its sustainability accomplishments. Sustainable leadership as well as market positioning could be strengthened with a greater understanding of the sustainable focus that has become part of the core of the Xerox brand.