Gap Score

For the first time, Siemens was named a Supersector Leader for "Industrial Goods and Services" and "Diversified Industrials" in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2012, achieving its best result ever with 92 points out of a possible 100. Siemens was also honored with the SAM Award and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Having abandoned its nuclear business in favor of green tech, a broad and innovative portfolio of sustainable products now accounts for more than 40 percent of revenue. In 2012, Siemens also pushed innovation in the fields of alternative energies and sustainable urban development. Siemens is also eagerly engaging in socially sustainable activities, including partnering with "IG Metall" regarding worker rights, equal opportunity, and freedom of tariff and association. The company continues to struggle with negative perceptions and activists, finding itself in the hot seat last year over alleged human rights violations regarding a joint venture based at the Amazon River. As we noted last year, “the company must work to regain trust and credibility and strengthen brand communications.”