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Changes in leadership and inconsistent performance marked a challenging period for Thomson Reuters, driving efforts to reconsolidate its position in the market and return to its roots. CEO Jim Smith is leading this charge, refocusing on core offerings and achieving efficiencies of global reorganizations. Above all, the brand reaffirmed its commitment to putting customers first and is uncovering new ways to address evolving needs. These initiatives include strategic expansion into markets such as India and Brazil, product development, and acquisitions that enable it to serve clients more holistically. Senior management is focusing on improving and enhancing the customer experience, particularly that of Thomson Reuters Eikon, the previously struggling financial flagship product that is now gaining traction against market leader Bloomberg. Thomson Reuters is beginning to redefine and share its story externally, launching successful campaigns in its Legal and Financial & Risk businesses that elevate the brand’s role in both the market and its customers’ work. Yet, Thomson Reuters has not fully found its larger voice. Leveraging the gains the brand has made internally, a key next step will be to globally deliver a compelling and connected story across its business of diverse products and services, emphasizing the brand’s unique strengths, forward momentum, and future vision. With unified and effective brand messaging, Thomson Reuters will be positioned to improve customer understanding and solidify its role as a global leader.