16,676 $m
As the role of Big Data and use of mobile grow exponentially, and at a time when 63 percent of global transaction revenue touches an SAP system, the brand is evolving and expanding its business. SAP experienced robust growth, with a 17 percent increase in revenue from 2011 to 2012, and continued strong growth in the first half of 2013. Its focus on two key areas, Big Data analytics and cloud-based solutions, has paid dividends. Through its SAP HANA platform, the brand is bringing its Big Data analytics expertise to bear, allowing for real-time analysis of both CRM and ERP data, all with cloud infrastructure to reduce the burden on its clients. Not only is SAP keenly focused on helping clients more effectively address efficiency, motivate and engage employees, and gain real-time insights, but it’s also committed to making its own business more environmentally sustainable. It’s also strengthening its human capital and making its workforce more diverse. Renewable sources made up 60 percent of the energy SAP consumed last year and in the brand’s 2012 Annual Report, it committed to increasing employee engagement to 82 percent. Earlier this year, SAP announced that by 2020, one percent of its 65,000 global workforce will be individuals on the Autism spectrum, leveraging and celebrating their analytical and computational skills and perspective. By continuing to focus on innovation, internal brand engagement, and stewardship, SAP’s success will also continue.