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In June 2013, Pizza Hut celebrated its 55th anniversary, offering large one-topping pizzas for USD $5.55. The US promotion, driven through TV, digital media, and social media, demonstrates Pizza Hut’s ongoing commitment to rolling out fully integrated campaigns. Widely considered to be adventurous with product innovation, the Yum! Brands-owned chain recently launched new pizza variations in the Middle East, Norway, Canada, Japan, and the UK, keeping local tastes and preferences top-of-mind. Pizza Hut continues to use social marketing in smart and strategic ways that empower its customers. In February 2013, Pizza Hut launched its successful “Hut. Hut. Hut!” social campaign in the US, collecting user-generated videos for its Super Bowl ad. Pizza Hut has also used Instagram to promote special offers and encourage customers to develop new pizza creations. Perhaps its most exciting innovation in this area is its Xbox app, which allows customers to order pizza while playing games. Pizza Hut operates more than 10,000 restaurants in more than 90 countries and is growing steadily in the US. It has strengthened its global presence, with more than 900 restaurants in China and almost 300 in India. The biggest challenge for Pizza Hut is the rise of artisanal, organic pizza chains. To remain a category leader, Pizza Hut must leverage its product innovation skills to not only remain relevant to health-conscious customers, but also to appeal to the more refined palates of aging diners.