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With an enduring reputation for excellence in engineering, performance, and styling, it’s no surprise Mercedes is the number one luxury brand in the US and Germany and is gaining ground in China and Russia. Part of the secret of its success, exemplified by the new S-class, is its ability to strike a balance between its traditional position and forward-looking ideas around mobility. Mercedes has done just as well in the compact segment with the A-class line as it has in the premium segment. Continuing to respond to a market that is quickly shifting in favor of green technologies, BlueTEC and hybrid engines will play an important role in future generations of cars. In addition to its impressive strides in sustainability, Mercedes is making a push to reconfigure its sales force to connect with a broader audience. Particularly focused on younger drivers, 2012’s A-class launch campaign featured humorous TV spots, the “A-Rock” concert series with British rock band, Placebo, and print ads with a QR code leading directly to an online hub where visitors could check out vehicle highlights, concert clips, and even arrange a test drive. With its 2020 growth initiative focused on building the best customer experience, and with the introduction of new models under the theme “heartbeat of a new generation,” Mercedes is deftly keeping up with contemporary sensibilities while still embodying timeless luxury.