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The Kleenex brand continues to face a struggle both domestically and internationally. As tough economic conditions persist, consumers have grown increasingly price sensitive and Kleenex continues to lose market share to generic products. Despite challenges, Kleenex has held its brand steady and continues to outspend its competitors on advertising. The brand continued to emphasize the disease prevention strategy it introduced in 2012, although the brand misstepped when it attempted to broaden Kleenex from facial tissue by introducing Luxury Foam Hand Sanitizer. It’s hard to say whether consumers would have embraced it because the product was quickly recalled over bacterial contamination. Kleenex has continued to consistently promote the brand as the softest facial tissue in the market, and has also tried to drive consumers’ emotional associations with a “Gesture of Care” promotion that had celebrities delivering Kleenex products to unsuspecting consumers in need. Despite its struggles to beat back the gains store brands have made, Kleenex is still a global leader in the facial tissue category it created almost 100 years ago. Kleenex is sold in more than 175 countries and continues to hold the top leadership spot in more than 80 of them. Severe allergy, cold, and flu seasons are bad news for sufferers, but boosted sales for the brand, leading it to lift its forecast for the whole year. Kleenex continues to be there for customers, one sneeze at a time.