4,708 $m
Kia is a rising star among global automotive brands. Successfully repositioning away from its former value-driven identity, the brand is targeting more discerning customers with a fresh, vibrant identity that promises “the power to surprise.” This dynamic image and the affordability of Kia models make the brand particularly attractive for younger and first-time buyers, especially Millennials. Strengthening that relationship in Canada, the brand is introducing a car-sharing service that will allow students to experience Kia’s new line-up firsthand (on and off campus) and promote responsible driving. Sales performance remained strong over the last year, with the brand finding success in both mature and fastdeveloping markets. Kia had particularly impressive results in financially challenged markets such as Europe, but must work to raise awareness in lucrative markets like Brazil. In the wake of rising oil prices, Kia’s sales success is partly due to a growing demand for the brand’s core competencies in compact design and fuel economy. Credibility in this area was challenged in the US market, however, when the fuel efficiency of some models was overstated in late 2012. Though Kia is still building its identity, it has managed to distinguish itself from its sister brand, Hyundai, which may be the most vital matter for the relatively young brand. Profitable, eco-friendly, and moving from value-orientation to design leadership —all are signals pointing to a very strong future for Kia.