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Disney continues its multichannel approach to building branded franchises that can stretch across the many facets of family entertainment. With both strong horizontal and vertical integration across all parts of the Disney-branded empire, the brand still has a unique ability to take a core idea, develop it through film and television, then extend the property into toys and merchandising, theme parks and resorts, DVD sales, and video games. Challenges remain, however, particularly around its continued reliance on blockbuster movie titles to drive value throughout its ecosystem. As The Lone Ranger’s recent disappointing opening illustrates, Disney’s studio arm can no longer count on box-office hits, even though solid performers such as Brave continue to fuel a slew of merchandising opportunities from toys to rides. Disney garnered significant buzz among gamers for its long-anticipated Disney Infinity video game platform that debuted in August 2013 with its Toy Story in Space Play Set. Bridging the gap between action figures and gaming, bringing characters from Disney and Pixar into a single environment, it’s a prime example of Disney’s ability to find ways to dig deep into its catalog to engage a new generation. As long as Disney can continue to evolve how its core brand delivers against the ideas that have made it relevant for generations, the company will continue to be one of the world’s most valuable entertainment and media powerhouses for the foreseeable future.