29,053 $m
Cisco continues to focus on growing its presence in the B2B space, building on shifts it experienced last year. Under the guidance of CMO Blair Christie, Cisco, a brand that only a few years ago was known for using its “Human Network” campaign to straddle both the corporate and consumer worlds, has managed to reposition into what seems to be a more comfortable role as the network enabler of businesses large and small. To help businesses monetize “the data in motion” in their networks, Cisco launched several mobile solutions earlier this year, including Cisco Quantum, enabling greater network programmability. Cisco describes data in motion as “real-time and near real-time data generated by mobile and fixed connections between people, things, and processes.” The result of more than USD $1.5 billion in acquisitions, Cisco Quantum is part of a broad acquisition strategy for the brand, including areas such as security and virtualization. The company is successfully setting itself up to be a go-to for IT leaders looking to make the most out of the new era of interconnected devices, data, and systems. Cisco’s recent shift to a brand platform focused on “The Internet of Everything” suggests that this move isn’t just a short-term reaction to immediate requirements, but a bigger, longer-term bet that the world will continue to need a company to guide us through the increasingly complex connected world of tomorrow.