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KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant and the second-largest restaurant chain on the planet. An integral part of the Yum Brands portfolio, KFC has over 15,000 restaurants spread across 105 countries. Most notably, KFC continues to excel in the Asian market by being both responsive and relevant to local customers in a way that is authentic to the brand. Last year, KFC invested in a global rollout of its new tagline “So Good,” which is now part of its brand promise. KFC is living up to that promise in the digital space. From launching a branded radio channel on the Pandora music application to being highly active on Facebook and Twitter, KFC is continuously engaging loyal customers in creative ways — and catering to customers with specialized promotions. KFC is known to engage its employees as well. In Britain’s Top Employers 2012 ranking, KFC garnered the top position based on criteria in several HR categories. In order to continue experiencing growth and engendering loyalty, KFC will need to demonstrate its commitment to product and experience innovation in additional markets outside of Asia.