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Adobe continues its focus on “changing the world through digital experiences” by expanding its breadth of offerings to consumers and providing them with end-to-end solutions for creating, publishing, marketing, and optimizing content. Specifically, with the launch of the Creative Cloud, Adobe brings an array of Digital Media tools to users under one umbrella, elevating the creative process from one that is currently tool- and box-driven to something more innovative, accessible, and inclusive. Understanding that the human urge toward creativity is at the core of their business, Adobe also conducted an in-depth global study called the Adobe State of Create. Strategically released at the company’s CS6 launch event this spring, the study revealed, among other interesting findings, that access to creativity-boosting tools is, according to the majority of respondents, one of the most important keys to expressing one’s creativity. By acknowledging the deeper need that draws people to their offerings and moving beyond products to suites and services, Adobe is beginning to build relationships with users at the highest level and transform the way their brand is perceived: from tool maker to creative advocate. Who better to produce creative suites than experts on creativity? In this way, Adobe has solidified its relevance to a diverse global audience and fortified its brand at the masterbrand level,with an authentic brand vision around creativity that is clearly resonating. Revenues have exceeded company expectations, demonstrating that Adobe is on the right track and responding admirably to the fast-changing needs of the creative and business marketplace, as well as the universal human need to create.