8,745 $m
Accenture’s business has boomed over the past year — with new bookings, increased marketing spend, above-average growth in Asia-Pacific, and a new marketing-services arm. In 2012, Accenture’s advertising moved beyond the animal kingdom. In an effort to differentiate itself in the crowded consulting/business services category, Accenture launched a bold new campaign centered on its “High Performance. Delivered.” tagline — and so far, it has made this promise a reality. By investing in a Social Media Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, and by continuing to publish large amounts of insights, Accenture has enhanced its position as a thought leader. In doing so, the brand has ensured its relevance for high-performing clients, and for those organizations that long to be high-performing clients. Accenture continues to differentiate itself through strategic acquisitions as well. In April, Accenture completed its acquisition of Neo Metrics Analytics S.L., a Madrid-based consulting firm specializing in optimization and predictive analytics. In August, Accenture agreed to acquire Octagon Research Solutions, Inc., a software company that helps pharmaceutical companies submit clinical data to regulators. Such strategic acquisitions make the promise of high performance all the more real and further differentiate Accenture as the partner prepared to deliver.