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Listen to our 2010 Internal Brand Engagement webinar: Unlocking the Power of Your Employees.

Engaging Employees via Corporate Citizenship

Our latest internal brand engagement article

As the economy begins its climb upward, recruiting and retaining top talent is fast becoming a top priority for most brands. Not surprisingly, corporate citizenship is quickly becoming a big part of the equation. Employers have a unique opportunity to create comprehensive strategies that not only improve  reputation and credibility but also act as powerful levers for retaining and attracting top talent.

In our latest article, "Changing the World from the Inside Out," Tom Zara, Interbrand’s global practice leader for corporate citizenship, argues that a corporate citizenship strategy informed and shaped by employees yields great benefits for the employer, employee, and the community. Tom also shares practical strategies for creating engaging corporate citizenship programs that will have a positive effect on the world we live in and the bottom line.

Internal brand engagement videos

View our internal brand engagement video from Interbrand’s recent corporate citizenship conference at Harvard University. The video highlights great conversations with some of the worlds best and biggest brands on the power of corporate citizenship to attract, retain, and engage employees.

Internal Brand Engagement practice leaders Tom Zara and Maryann Stump deliver valuable insights on internal brand engagement and recommend paths for growth.

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