How to deliver a branded customer experience

Brand is more than a logo. It's more than an ad or website. To the customer, their impression a brand is formed by the total all of these and every other interaction they'll have with the organization.

When an organization truly understands what it’s brand is, it can align all these touchpoints and create a cohesive experience for the customer. Designing the customer’s “brand experience” is not a simple task, but with leadership, planning and collaboration it is an achievable one.

Carolyn Ray, Interbrand Canada’s managing director, penned this paper explaining how to build a brand engagement plan in five steps.

Read the full paper here.

Carolyn Ray is fascinated with authenticity, trust and leadership. With a blend of experience in communications, marketing and branding, she established Interbrand’s global Brand Engagement practice and leads Interbrand Canada.


Managing Director, Interbrand Canada