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  • The new corporate image which is being presented today represents a strategic transformation which is taking place at all levels.
  • After comprehensive research internationally, the newly-defined business and brand strategies aim to position the company as a proactive, agile, and competitive airline in the global market.
  • In the months ahead, Iberia's new identity will be implemented through a process that will involve and demonstrate change at all levels; not only in terms of the product, but also in terms of the quality standard of service offered by the airline.
  • As a tangible sign of that change, the first Airbus aircraft, an A-330 model with Iberia's new image, will leave Toulouse fully equipped with new "Business" and "Economy" cabins.

Madrid (15 October 2013) - In partnership with Interbrand, Spain's Iberia airline today unveiled its new brand identity with a revitalized new image that reflects the profound change the company is undergoing at all levels. The primary objective of the new brand is to become a more competitive airline with a greater international projection and stature.

To define the new Iberia identity in light of strategic objectives, the company has collaborated with Interbrand, the world 's leading brand consultancy. The process involved thorough qualitative and quantitative research in which the opinions of almost 9,000 respondents were compiled and analysed. The research was fielded amongst employees, clients and strategic partners, and also embraced sector analysis and study of its main competitors.

Inspired by the Spanish culture and its influence on the world, the evolution of the new identity has been undertaken in order to increase affinity with all the airline's audiences by building an expressive, vital and relevant discourse. The new Iberia brand identity reflects a truly revived spirit of excitement and the determination to bring to life a true transformation. The Iberia brand now manifests new aspirations and strategic intent from a company with a great legacy that today boldly reinvents itself.

The new brand personality makes more prominent use of the colors of the Spanish flag, especially of the colour red. Research confirms red is perceived as a symbol of vitality, expressiveness, of Spanish artistry and character. It is a colour which also perfectly represents perfectly the vital spirit of the new Iberia and one of the most admired and creative cultures in the world.

As well as a distinctive use of the airline's legacy colours, a new symbol has been designed which is reminiscent of the company's IB initials and industry code letters, now streamlined to suggest concepts such as agility, dynamism and comfort. The symbol inspired an "art of flying" concept, and rendered with ultimate attention to the importance of digital requirements. New graphs, typographies, textiles, materials, photographs and pictograms complete the new brand universe, which will be implemented gradually over the next months across all the airline's touchpoints.

Luis Gallego, Iberia's CEO, stated during today's presentation of the new brand that "it is not only a change of logotype—it is demonstrative of the much deeper change we are involved in throughout the company. It is about a fundamental change in our thinking which has an impact on products, processes attitudes and behaviours that reaches every corner of Iberia. It is about a change which will be recognised and valued at every moment our audiences interact with our brand."

Iberia has decided to present this great change at a time when the transformation plan implemented by the company is beginning to demonstrate results. The new image contributes decisively in reaching the essential, primary objective of this plan: making the new Iberia truly competent, relevant and international in stature and performance.

The first aircraft with the new brand will be leaving the hangars tomorrow

The first aircraft with the new Iberia brand will be leaving the Airbus hangars tomorrow. It is the fifth new Airbus A330 aircraft of the Iberia fleet, and is equipped with the newly redesigned "Business" and "Economy" cabins as a key part of the transformation of a new Iberia which is focused on improving and enhancing the travel experience for passengers. The new aircraft will start operating in mid-November.

Both A330 as well as A340-600 aircraft are being equipped with the new brand experience on board, including a 360Q renovated interior which has been redesigned in every detail. The new materials and fabrics for the ergonomic renovated seats, as well as mood lighting variations, are used to create a comfortable, warm and welcoming feeling for the passenger at all times during his or her flight. A new menu, refurbished "amenities" and unique digital entertainment selections available on wide plasma screens are some of the other service enhancements offered by the new Iberia cabin interior.

As well as the fleet of planes which will gradually be upgraded with the revitalized Iberia brand experience, the new brand will also be implemented across airports in which Iberia operates, especially in its domestic hub, Terminal 4 in Madrid. The new identity will also be applied to vehicles, in-flight magazines, staff uniforms, corporate headquarters and all touchpoints where the company engages with employees and clients.

Internally, a change process is also being carried out, with the aim of empowering the entire Iberia team. Employees will be trained in accord with new strategy, values and a company philosophy, in a manner which transcends internal processes and behaviours to make the new Iberia a real tangible brand experience for customers both in live and virtual points of contact in the digital world, at airport check-in environments, and when engaging with crew, customer service representatives and VIP lounge personnel. This is one of the most impactful and significant challenges of bringing the new brand identity project to life.

The new brand personality can already be seen in, as the new online experience was introduced several months ago. The site now facilitates much more agile and intuitive navigation. Other initiatives of the new Iberia include the start-up of the Ágora project that promotes operational efficiency at terminals and online luggage check-in via MyBagTag® or Fast-Track boarding services, amongst others.

In the weeks ahead Iberia will officially launch its brand, presenting its new fleet at Madrid's Barajas airport to its key audiences as evidence of the important transformation process undertaken by the company.