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Powering Brands and Business: Video on Interbrand Premieres

Posted by: Lindsay Beltzer on February 27, 2013

Premiering on Wall Street Journal Live and The Telegraph, UK-based TRACC has produced a video about Interbrand. Working with Interbrand's Global Marketing & Communications team over the last year, the video features our senior leadership explaining why, in today's global marketplace, creating and managing brands as business assets is more important than ever before.

Featured is an interview with Eileen Lynch, Head of Global Brand Strategy for Thomson Reuters. Lynch says, “Probably one of the most significant changes that has occurred in the way we run our business as a result of the relationship with Interbrand is actually appreciating the value of a brand.”

As a branding firm dedicated to helping clients distill and market their value sets, purpose and brands to the public, it is always an exciting opportunity when we get to flip the switch and zoom in on the Interbrand brand. Founded in 1974, Interbrand's culture and history is a rich and long one.

While built largely through acquisition over the years, our path has echoed the counsel we often provide to our clients. Anticipate the changing needs of markets and adapt accordingly.

Interbrand's founder, John Murphy, started the firm as a naming company. Realizing the opportunity to provide a strategic focus, as well as a design, to the products he was naming, the practice expanded to include logo & package design, brand strategy and brand valuation. Today, Interbrand is the largest branding consultancy in the world, yet it retains Murphy's entrepreneurial spirit.

In the video Interbrand's senior leadership team describes our unique disciplines, offerings, culture and people. As Andy Payne, Interbrand's Global Chief Creative Officer, often says, “These are not only our principles, but the ingredients of world-changing brands.” As the relationship between brands and consumers constantly evolves, having these principles top of mind is key to staying ahead of trends and evolving markets. Here's to our belief that the next 40 years will be just as exciting as the first.

Thank you to TRACC staff and crew as well as the Interbrand staff who helped to produce this video.

Lindsay Beltzer is Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Communications.

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