What's in Store
for 2013?

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What's in Store for 2013


Some said 2012 would be the end of the world, but here we are, with another year before us—and another opportunity to do better and be better. From climate change and economic uncertainty to big data information overload and the security challenges of the digital world, the problems we face today are unique and unprecedented. At the same time, the success of the London Olympics and Curiosity rover’s exploration of Mars remind us, we have never had such vast potential to transcend our previous limits.

Whatever this year may bring, we know that the brands best positioned for success in 2013 are those that take seriously the significant role they play in people’s lives and work to remain relevant and authentic in our rapidly changing world.

To help you respond quickly and effectively to the challenges that will arise in the coming months, we offer you a look ahead—a glimpse into 2013’s emerging themes and trends. But predicting and spotting trends is never enough, so we have also compiled new commentary and advice from 18 of our global sector experts on how to navigate 2013. Take a look and let us know what you think and how you plan to tackle the year ahead.

Jez Frampton

Jez Frampton
Global CEO, Interbrand


  • Airlines


    With the internet and price comparison apps at their fingertips, today’s flyers shop around for the best deal and the most attractive package of services. To get more “bums on seats,” airlines are, by necessity, finding creative new ways to engage choosy consumers.
  • Apparel


    Between in-store shopping and online shopping, fashion choices are seemingly infinite. To elevate loyalty, apparel brands need to help consumers narrow their choices, which means setting themselves apart from competitors, making shopping easier and, most of all, being authentic.
  • Automotive


    Demand is high and new product launches are generating enthusiasm, but can automakers translate today’s promise into sustained growth? For auto brands that are tuned into consumer needs, on top of current trends, and utilizing technology effectively to enhance both marketing and product offerings, 2013 is likely to be a good year.

  • Business Services

    Business Services

    Interbrand New York’s CEO sits down with Seán Meehan, a professor at Switzerland’s prestigious International Institute for Management Development (IMD) business school, to discuss what business services brands—and specifically the business services CMO—must do to succeed in 2013.
  • Digital


    Online and off, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’ve got the statistics to prove it. From the swift proliferation of memes and infographics to the soaring popularity of YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest—visual content is where it’s at in 2013.
  • Energy


    2013 will be a call to action, challenging energy brands to show genuine commitments to safety and sustainability, balancing a long-term view with corporate citizenship and transparency.

  • Fast Developing Markets

    Fast Developing Markets

    For the BRICs, the race is on to join the Best Global Brands. Emerging market brands are ready for take-off, but growth opportunities mean balancing caution with a more conscientious strategy.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Packaged Goods

    When it comes to shopping, we are primal creatures. By understanding how people like to shop in different “modes,” those who work to enhance the retail experience can find more effective ways to support and enrich the way we hunt and gather in the modern world.
  • Financial

    Financial Services

    With regulation and taxation measures threatening the sector, rebuilding trust is a key priority. Now smart and sincere financial brands are shifting from self-orientation to client and customer focus.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage industry’s giants are placing huge bets on new initiatives around the globe in 2013, while facing increasing pressure to deliver healthier choices and innovative ideas. The focus: staying relevant with new products, new messages and fresh innovation.
  • Healthcare


    How will healthcare leaders stay ahead as the sector’s rules of engagement shift? A deeper evaluation of the role of brand and a willingness to look beyond traditional horizontal integration strategies are a good start.
  • Luxury


    The challenge for luxury brands in 2013—combine engagement and effectiveness with an unparalleled customer journey and retail strategy to establish authenticity with increasingly demanding consumers.

  • Media


    New models for distribution—from cross-platform subscriptions to new digital products—are driving innovation for those companies that leverage their brands in an enormously challenging time for the sector. The bigger challenge in the year ahead: regaining consumers' trust in a world of free and paid (and everything in between) content.
  • Retail


    Tested and tempered through boom, bust and digital revolution, today’s retail brands are wiser, more agile, and more in tune with consumers than ever before. As retailers prepare to expand domestically and around the globe, success will lie in how well they enable shoppers to know, love and successfully interact with their brands.
  • Technology


    As the world becomes smarter, tech barons and recent disruptors alike will find themselves challenged by new entrants, thinkers and business models that are constantly reshaping the tech landscape. Daunting as that sounds, using brand in conjunction with innovation can help tech brands stay ahead of the pack.

  • Telecommunications


    The scale and pace of change in the telecom industry is unprecedented—and consumer expectations are rising even faster. To capitalize on the customer demand their own technology has created, telecom companies must focus on three key areas in 2013.